Sunday, April 27, 2008

Before You Start Brewing Teas

Learn the Basics
Brewing tea is pretty simple, just steep the tea in hot water for a few minutes. Not much to tell. But you can still learn some important basic information beforehand. What temperature to brew at and whether you should choose loose tea or tea in bags are two very important things to know about.
Learn About Types of Tea
There are dozens (possibly hundreds) of different kinds of tea, each with its own unique taste and brewing requirements. The most common teas for everyday drinking are black and green teas. But, you can't forget oolong or even white tea. Knowing more about the available selection out there, can help you decide.
Have Your Equipment
Unlike brewing coffee, there is little equipment necessary. You just need a way to heat water, usually a kettle but even a pot on the stove will work. If you are using loose tea, you will want a handy way to strain out the tea leaves as well.