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The ancients is the election of the water

1, the election Optional water source. Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty such as the "tea as" points out: "The water, with mountains and rivers, the river, the water under." Chen Ming-mei the "trial of tea," the poem "From stone-chuen, a situation more Lie, tea since the peak of Health more rounded flavor." That test the merits of tea products, and the relationship between the water source is close. 2, water for your "live." If the Northern Song Dynasty Su Dongpo, "Jiang Ji JIANCHALING" poems "have to live Huojian running water since the temporary fishing for deep-stone." Song Tanggeng "bucket of tea in mind" in the "do not ask Jiang water wells, is expensive to live." Hu Tsai Southern Song Dynasty, "Shao River fisheries Cong hidden words" in the "tea-flowing water, it can not of its fresh-fu." Gu Ming-yuan "tea spectrum" of "milk-chuen Manliu landscape for those on." All this, and so on, the show trial of tea products, to "live" as you. 3, the water should taste, "Gan." If the Northern Song Chong Chen Cai Xiang "in the tea": "springs not resigned, the energy loss Chawei." Tian Yi Heng Ming Dynasty in the "cooking-chuen Pieces", said: "delicious Zheyue Oasis, and the atmosphere was Zheyuexiangquan." Luo Lin Ming Dynasty in the "tea solution" in the claim: "the rainy season such as cream, which nourishes all things, its flavor alone Gan, state-after drinking." That the goods to tea is "willing", only "willing" to be able to "taste." 4, the water quality to be "clear." Lu Yu Tang Dynasty such as the "tea for the four of" listed in shenlu bladders, is used as a treatment, clean water Jianchaling. Song, "Cha Doo" and stressed that tea to "white" to win, but also pay attention to "the Springs-who." Ming Ming met with stones, "Yang Water", will also aim treatment. Above that are a means to tea water, "-" based. 5, water goods should be "light." If life in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, Saibei Jiangnan, to everything, Longjing tea products in Hangzhou, kept on top Emei taste of tea, to Wuyi Chuaiyan Cha, Cha love of his life, the goods-chuen, is an assessment of the tea connoisseur. According to Lu Tian Qing Dynasty "Cold House of miscellaneous knowledge" records, the Qianlong each Chuxun, often like to bring a refined silver bucket, "precision around the springs", carefully weighing, according to the proportion of water to re-leniently, from the gifted , Scheduled for Beijing Yuquan Landscape "Tianxiadiyi-chuen," as the court of Queen's Counsel water. Above all, and the choice of goods to tea, a certain truth, but there are one-sided of the story. And more comprehensive review, to a few Zhao Ji Song Huizong, in his "Treatise on Tea": goods to tea "-Ganjie light for the United States." Dr Liang Qing Dynasty in the chapter "Guitian lock in mind" that the only body in the mountains, can really enjoy the "Hsiang-Gan," the springs. The history of tea in China, there have been "a difficult Jiaming, the United States-chuen particularly difficult to find," said. How many people love tea, to find Yihong US-chuen, had indeed spent some effort.

What are the goods to tea » 1, mountain spring water from mountain springs are overlapping rock hills. Vegetation lush mountains, Shanyan fault from the small pool flow from the Springs, rich in carbon dioxide and other trace elements helpful to the human body, and gravel filter through the springs, crystal clear water, chlorine and iron compounds rarely used This spring tea, the color of tea can smell the best shape to play. But not mountain spring, can be used to tea, such as sulfur mineral water is not the tea. On the other hand, mountain spring water is not widely available, therefore, the majority of Chake, can only be possible depending on conditions and to choose the goods to tea. 2, Jiang, river, lake it is a surface water, with more impurities, high turbidity, generally speaking, tea difficult to achieve good results, but far away from the densely, but also a lush growth of vegetation and pollution - Less, such Jiang, river, lake, is still tea water. If the Fuchun River water Tonglu, Zhejiang, Chunan the Qiandao Lake, Shaoxing, the water is Jianhu example. Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty, "the tea", he said: "the river, were taken away from people." This is the meaning of that. Bai Juyi in the Tang Dynasty poem said: "Shu but panic sent to the new water, water to cook to Shijue Wei-zhen," Weishui JIANCHALING that good. Li Qun Tang Yu said: "Miss Ou Xiangshui Green spent," said Xiang Shui JIANCHALING not bad. Xu Ming Dynasty in the world "tea reduced," further said: "The Yellow River water from the sky. Cloud, Tuse, that is, net of Weicheng, spontaneous flavor." Even if the statements were made by mixing muddy water of the Yellow River, as long as the clarification, also enables high-tea Weichun. This situation, so ancient, modern same is true. 3, snow days and the water ancients called "Tian", in particular the snow, more respected by the ancients. Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty "snow fried Xiangming," Song Xin Qiji's "small tea by tea-wrote," Andrew TSE may be the Yuan Dynasty "So cold nights British cooking green dust," Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty, "So Cooking time will be the new snow ", are praising the tea with snow. As for the rain, in general, and from time to time difference: sea level had autumn rain, high Qishuang days, the air less dust, water taste "Qinglie" is in the rain Shangpin; rainy season, the weather dull that day, the water taste, "Gan Waterloo", the more favourably ; Yu Xia, thunderstorms again, Feisha take stone, water taste, "aliasing", the water quality is not the net. However, whether snow or rain, not as long as the air pollution, and Jiang, river, lake compared always relatively clean, the water is tea. Unfortunately, in modern times many areas, especially in industrial areas, due to industrial soot, the smell of pollution, so that snow days and the water quality has changed, take a sample. 4, well water is a groundwater well water, suspended matter in small, more transparent. But it was another shallow groundwater, especially in urban water, vulnerable to the surrounding environment, to tea, damaging Chawei. Therefore, if absorbed in the live wells of water tea, the same can also bubble in a cup of good tea. Lu Yu Tang Dynasty "by tea," said the "learn more from those wells," Ming Lu Shu-sheng "JIANCHALING seven categories," said the "learn more from wells, the water is absorbed more live," said the meaning of this is . Jiao Hong Ming Dynasty "Yu-tang Cong language", Dou Guangnai the Qing Dynasty, Zhu Jun "Wen日下to the test" mentioned in the Beijing Wen Huadian East Pauli wells, clean water, the taste of Gan Lie, was that - Two generations of the Royal Palace source of drinking water. Fujian Nan'an Kuanyin wells, was Song Doo tea water, now in Utah. 5, tap water used to disinfect tap water contains chlorine, stranded in the water mains in a long time, but also contain more iron. When the iron content in water more than 5/10000, make tea with brown, and chloride and the polyphenols in tea, tea will also formed on the surface of a "rusty oil," a bitter taste to drinking. So tea with tap water, preferably with clean containers to store the day, to be distributed chlorine after boiling tea, or to use water purifiers to water purification, this can become a better tea water. 6, pure water modern scientific progress, a multi-layered filtering and ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis technology, can be turned into drinking water in general do not contain any impurities in the pure water, and water pH to neutral. Use this water make tea, not only because of the net for good, transparent, crystal tea to Qi Touche, aroma and taste of pure, miscellaneous taste the same, Xianchun refreshing. Many brands of pure water available in the market, most of all to make tea. In addition to pure water, there are excellent quality mineral water is also good tea water

Jingdezhen tea to talk about » China's ceramic art, concentrated in Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen has Zhici quality of raw materials - "Kaolin." Jingdezhen truly become "the world-by-kiln" Ciye Center at the Ming Dynasty. Wing-lok's "sweet white porcelain", Xuande "festival Red" and "light yellow glaze," Chenghua the "blue and white color bucket," Jiajing Wanli of the "colorful" and so on, are unprecedented in China Zhici history of the masterpiece. Momentum of the grand-cylinder and the incomparable sophistication of thin porcelain child's success Shaozao, marking the time Zhici technology into a very high level. Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong in the three tea, whether it is technology, variety, quality, production and technology, have reached an unprecedented situation. Yongzheng and Qianlong of the "Falang Cai", "Carmine", "Wu Jin glaze", "Sky Blue", "Ji Blue," "Tea at the end", "San-Yang Kai Tai", "Yaobianhuayou" the advent of color glaze And greatly enriched the decorative ceramic tea sets, showing that the workers of all kinds of Jingdezhen porcelain decorative techniques and the use of pigment has reached Luhuochunqing, officially stage. Subsequently the "eight-Hill Friends" will be used in Chinese painting decorative ceramics, original "Fencai landing", "Peach Blossom water point" and other porcelain painting techniques, the formation of a generation of style, the afterglow still remain. Tea-drinking habits of the Ming and Qing Dynasties different from previous generations, to Paoyin, on the request of tea a big change. After that, tea, "and your small," Chawan, Cha said very little mention of the Oujiang, teacups accounts increased, to achieve both beacon and tea, then a "beacon Cup," the purpose, in order to facilitate viewing Tangse, tea Beacon from the Shang Shang white into black, a popular short-, Gufu, covered the handle of a teapot. Qing Dynasty tea, also commonly used distinctive Gaiwan.

To talk about the development history of China's tea » Tea drinking tea natural to use, and enjoy tea from the perspective of the United States and the tea is more important than the tea. Tea is the birth and development and production of tea, tea-drinking habits of the development and evolution are closely related. Early tea for more than earthenware. The emergence of pottery have passed一万二千年history. As of early material is extremely poor community, so tea is more than one use. Until after the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the talk of the wind gradually Shing, tea drinking was also seen as the spirit of enjoyment and elegant expression of the aspirations means, it is in such circumstances, tea only from other appliances in independent living. The earliest archaeological materials that tea is the beacon for child care, such as the Eastern Jin Dynasty when the beacon entrusted to the two ends slightly Shangqiao, set by the ramp straight into a wall in the arc, and some within the heart at the end of concave, and some have a raised circular asked laps So that the beacon "no inclination", a straight mouth deep abdominal Quanzu false beacon. To the Southern Dynasties, the beacon has been widespread use of child care. Tang Dynasty, China's tea production has been further expanded, tea drinking habits also extended to the north from the south. At this point Ciye a "North-South Green," the situation on behalf of the Yueyao celadon porcelain was the highest level. At this point the Chawan shapes smaller, with less body, the ramp straight into a wall shape, suitable for tea. North Chawan, a thick, Kouyan have a raised lip volume, it Yueyaochawan "Vol lips do not, at the end of volumes and shallow" style of a clear distinction. Yueyao addition to a glaze, also beautiful compact form. China's tea, until Lu Yu, "the tea" come out before the first systematic and complete recording. "After tea," tea on the set of pottery, Ye, bamboo, wood, stone, paper, paint a total of 28 different texture. Lu Yu Tea on the design not only emphasize practical value, simple elegant style, taste and there is obviously the "tea ceremony" the intention to tea to the United States and pleasure. Shicheng "in the tea-Shing Tang and the Song", and the Song Dynasty Ceramic Technology has also entered the golden age, the most famous are Ru, the official, Columbia, set, the five-kwan, Ming Yao. Therefore, the Song Dynasty Tea is also unique. In the Song Dynasty, except for drinking tea, playing folk entertainment have become one of the tools.嗜tea for each gathering, try tea bucket, "Cha Doo." Therefore, the tea also made corresponding changes. Cha Doo are showing brown for the fresh white, in particular favorite of Heiyou beacon, which built the kiln produced more Tuhao beacon be regarded as treasures. To the Yuan Dynasty, tea powder tea gradually replace the corporation's position. At this point only the manufacture of green tea properly rolled, not broken up milling, the preservation of the tea color, smell and taste. When the Ming Dynasty, tea leaves all-round development, on the basis of steaming green tea also invented the drying green tea and green tea Chaoqing. Tea also tea, tea and improve the methods of development, there is a Gufu, tubular or Ti Liang flow and handle the teapot. It is worth mentioning that a Zisha Hu Ming Dynasty came into being, and became "the head of Tea Ware." The reason largely because of their unique shape simple, as long as the use of shiny Guyu, can stay in the Chaxiang, Sou difficult summer tea, tea difficult winter cold. The most爱不释手the pot on the Crafts. Is the most famous-famous Jiaqing, epigraphy, and calligraphy and painting, and the Qing Dynasty, one of the eight Members of Health Chen Cayman, the traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, epigraphy, such as carving art in the integration of tea, creates the "18th Man Health ", A story section of the history of tea. Qing Dynasty, China's six major tea is green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea and Heicha have begun to establish their status. Yixing of Zisha Hu, Jingdezhen the multicolored, Falang Cai Fencai Ci and the tea produced rapid development of skills in shape and decoration, also reached a sophisticated level of art. In addition to the Qing Dynasty adopted teapot, teacups, often used Gaiwan, tea tap into a Accor play, greatly enhancing their cultural tastes. Then tea and wine have a completely separate. Even today, China's tea varieties are numerous and, range.

Zisha the history and characteristics of tea » Zisha tea as early as in the early Northern Song Dynasty have been rising much pop to the Ming Dynasty, Jiajing, Wanlinianjian, a master of a superior - for the spring (GONG Chun-) for the spring juvenile has Jinshi Wu Yi Shan Shu Tong , Talents intelligence, with an open mind eager to learn, with the masters of education in Yixing Sands Temple, idle time to help Sili old monk Tuan Blank Zhihu. Legend of a towering temple of Ginkgo biloba, intertwined, the variety of trees, to watch him overnight, is a simulation of the tree, pinch-pots of trees, unique shape, very lively. Paianjiaojue old monk met, then dumping his life Zhihu skills capsule of the award, he eventually became famous Zhihu Masters. For the spring, the advent of Zhihu "famous four": Dong Han, Zhao Liang, Yuanxi, when friends. Then, again at the big-Bin, Li Zhongfang, XU You-chuen, "the three MicroHand." Zisha a famous Qing Ming Chen Yuan, Chen Man Health, Dr Pang, Shao tycoon, Huang Yulin, Cheng Shou-Zhen, Yu-liang, and so on. Zisha famous modern master of a GU Jing Zhou, Zhu son, Jiang Rong, and others. Yixing Zisha tea, the tea does not really seize the tea-nor-cooked soup, tea can be a longer time to maintain the color, smell and taste. Zisha Tea also because of their unique shape simple, good special temperament, the tea blisters, hand Mosa, Gu Yu will become much color and people favor. The main production Zisha Hu mud is the natural colored clay, namely: Zisha mud, mud Cinnabar, the Hongni, Molv mud, the Green Mountain dump. Zi Shahu form: Antique, light-goods (no flowers without words), flower goods (on the pine, bamboo, plum and other natural image), tendons capsule (geometric patterns). Zisha Tea style many in Zisha Hu carved birds and flowers, landscapes and all kinds of calligraphy, which began in the Yuan Dynasty in the Super-Jiaqing, the arts for people to pen knife, the books, paintings, printed integrated, constitute a simple Qingya style. "Sand pot test plans" had in mind Zheng Banqiao homemade pots, personally engraved poem says: "High Zuijian belly big ears, Jihan was not proud of it. A small amount of state capacity, the two Sancun water from the waves."

What is commonly used tea » Since ancient times, China's tea utensils used in a wide range of various kinds, by national, regional different, different. Ancient tea, with the exception of pottery, porcelain, there are stone, bamboo work, wood, tin, bronze, lacquerware, silver, gold, jade, crystal, agate, and so on. Tea painting on a wide variety of exquisite design, tea, the more the enjoyment of a United States. Modern Tea, Wenmingzhongwai of Yixing, Jiangsu Zisha tea and the white porcelain in Jingdezhen of Jiangxi, Celadon Tea, and so on. Common market Shangpin Jingdezhen porcelain tea with the blue and white, Fencai, color, color and Yu Tea Ware County, and more red tea, Longquan celadon tea, Liling You Xia Cai Tea, Tea Tangshan new color, new color Guangzhou tea; Tao of Tea Yixing Zisha tea, flower tea Cizhou Yao tick, Sichuan Rongchang, such as tea sets. In addition to ceramic tea set, now also choose glass cup, enamel cups, plastic cups, some families also like aluminium, tin, stainless steel and other metal tea. General mainland people like to use pottery, porcelain tea sets, and the Qinghai-Tibet region, Cangbao regardless of dining, drinking tea, were called in a "bowl Gong," the Xiaowan. "Gong bowl" is very particular about the use, mainly by virtue of the Bowl logo and color to differentiate drinking, the social status of the people of Taiwan are endemic to the use of medical stone made of tea.

Tea tea which is not ideal » The wide range of tea, but the scientific point of view, metal tea set, ceramic tea sets, tea and insulation materials Shuo tea cup, generally speaking is not ideal. Gold, silver, lead, copper metal of high tea, because of wear and other reasons, by tea drinking tea will make the human body to absorb these metal components of the increase in adverse human health. Ceramic tea sets, although not easy Zhalie durable advantages, but the tea ineffective, in particular the enamel Pengpo exposed iron sheet, but will affect the quality of tea, the tea will lose their original flavor, color, yellow, soup cooked with gas . Plastic cup tea, the boiling water to brew, often some smelly substance or the dissolution of harmful substances, affecting both Chawei, is not conducive to human health. Bao Wenping, tea cup, because the temperature has remained high, volatile aromatic substances out soon, a decrease of aromatic tea due at the same time can make tea polyphenols, such as high temperature leaching too much so that the tea-strong, bitter taste, And a familiar sense of nausea. In particular the foam insulation cup of green tea, the tea would taste cooked with nausea, so that the color to turn yellow, lose tea aroma.

Different applications of different tea brewing tea? » Hospitality guests, good tea, water and stress the brewing methods, coupled with the appropriate fine tea, will not have some more flavor to the festive atmosphere increase. Research indicates that different texture of the same tea brewing Zhongcha, there will be a different color and taste, so different from the application of different tea brewing tea. The famous high-grade tea, especially green tea, transparent glass of brew. - Brewing, while viewing the tea-brown, while drinking, do not have some fun. Ordinary green tea, porcelain cup or teapot can be used to brew; jasmine tea, may be Gaiwan Cha brewing in the form of drinking. Black tea, in particular Hong Suicha,宜用high glass brewing so that the tea Hongyan more attractive. Black tea, can also use pot brew, with coffee drinking. Free sweetened drink, or milk, similar to drink coffee, do not have some "foreign" flavor. High-grade tea, but also to Add to Jun-hong, Choi Ji-or red tea, and other decorative beautiful in the brewing tea. Oolong tea,宜用Zisha tea brewing, with small cup to drink, oolong tea can also choose warm porcelain tea brewing, boiling water to brew after the stamp may retain strong Chaxiang.

How to make tea glass tea » Tea glass, transparent crystal, clean everything. With glass tea, cups of tea, brown very well, so that Xingse panoramic view. Longjing tea such as glass bubble, Biluochun tea, and so on, be able to enjoy Yedi "flag" and "shot" Tingtingyuli the shape and dark green to clarify the Tangse. However, deficiencies in the Zhalie is easy, fast heat and cooling, such as Chaxiang also easy to distribute.

Maifanite tea tea okay » Little-known medical stone tea, from pondering by the medical stone, a unique, such as tea and jade comparable. It is learnt that the medical stone by the hot water immersion, to the dissolution of calcium, iron and other minerals, the water activity increased leaching of a natural ion exchange capacity can be adjusted to the weak acid alkaline water, the used-tea , To play more of diethylene glycol-tea aroma. Maifanite tea, such as maintaining the appearance of rough, the above little grain or may reflect the glorious open or secret, make people think of wild unrestrained sculpture. Therefore, with this ancient form of medical stone tea tea as well as better nutrition and health, have a high appreciation value.

Why Zisha tea tea best » Zisha tea muddy Tiancheng, and hidden in local Shanfu of the unique purple, red color, such as mud, processing molding, and then put the 1100-1200 ℃ high-temperature pottery kiln firing. Because mud compound containing silicon oxide, sodium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and other chemical composition, after burning the finished products such as Chek red, purple as grapes, Zhe such as ink-ju, Huang Gancheng, colorful and unpredictable. Zisha Tea modeling thousands, "the non-a-round without a phase", a physical imitation geometric shape of superb color simple. Yi people in the pot on the use of Gangdao代笔, carved birds and flowers on the landscape, epigraphy calligraphy, so that Zi Shahu become a financial literature, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, epigraphy, in one form of art. Apart from tea, and tours of its art, gives people the knowledge to enlighten the United States enjoy. Zi Shahu a height of the points, a diameter the size of difference, and this is closely related to tea. Zisha Hu general for bubble tea, high-mouth small teapot for green tea or Huacha Qi, brown Razor Hill and taste Qingchun. Zisha tea not only re-shape and re-tea arguments, the justifications for Fun coexistence. Therefore, people respected it as "the world's first tea", having "the name of Tao, the world without discrimination" of reputation. And porcelain tea sets and other, it has the following characteristics, which is why Zisha tea tea is the best reason. (1) with Zi Shahu tea, Chaxiang strong and lasting. Zisha Hu mouth small, Gaiyan, the inside wall of the pot than the rough, can effectively prevent the premature loss aroma. Long-term use of Zisha teapot, wall hung a brown rust red tea, the use of the longer, tea rust walls, the more plot, the tea brewing tea after the more alcohol Yu-Fang Xin. Long-term use of Zisha teapot, even letting go of tea, just dumped into the water, still Chaxiang tempting, it is generally impossible by tea. (2), Zisha teapot, not glazing, and maintain the tiny pores, breathable performance good, but impermeable, and has strong absorption power, which is generally can not match the teapot. It can maintain a fragrant tea in the event of volatile oil and the formation of Xinxiang, raising tea's late acidity, a Convergence and sterilization. It can slightly delay the failure Mycophenolate changed the tea Sou, the so-called "Sou Shengshu more places do not," The reason is obvious. (3) Zisha Hu tea, holding a long time. As the pot within the walls there are many small bubbles, and full of bubbles, not the flow of air, hot air is bad conductor, Zisha Hu is a better insulation properties. (4) with Zi Shahu tea, Tixie ask difficult Sunburn hand grip. Zisha Hu linear expansion coefficient than Cihu slightly higher, but not the glaze, there was no blank glaze stress the issue after the firing of Zisha Hu, little glass, enough to overcome the hot and cold temperatures generated by the poor capacity of radical change, it is slow Of the heat transfer. Zisha teapot hot and cold radical change to the ability of good, even on Baidu's high temperature in cooking, minus the snow quickly invested in and will not burst. Therefore, the tea used Zisha Hu, Tixie ask difficult Sunburn hand grip; Handonglayue, tea with boiling water, there is no need to worry about disruption, or even placed on the burning Wenhuo stew, nor Zhalie danger.

Porcelain tea sets tea okay » Porcelain tea sets, tea sets to Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain tea best. Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province is China's famous porcelain village, produced by the various tea, with "white Ruyu, thin paper, that if a mirror, such as sound exhausted," the characteristics, hence the reputation of the world. Jingdezhen porcelain tea sets, more color varieties, superb artistry, precision production, the beautiful shape of the High Tea, but also the general shape, nice popularization of tea, use it to brew tea out of, Hong Kong, TANG Qing, the Weichun Features, do not have some flavor.