Monday, May 19, 2008

Pu'er tea over the previous year 60% decline in value of experts reminded to beware of false date

After the frenzied rise rapidly decline in the price of Pu'er tea such as a roller coaster ride recently temporarily stabilize the market. The past two days, the reporters interviewed more than tea market in Wuhan, found five-year period as Pu'er tea "demarcation line."

The day before yesterday afternoon, the reporters in Hankou Yudaichasi see in a tea shop, a 10 cooked Chazhuan offer 2,800 yuan, 800 yuan to counter; an eight-year maturity tea cakes offer 850 yuan, 460 yuan to counter. And a last year's tea cakes cooked offer 100 yuan, 40 yuan to counter.

Yesterday morning, reporters saw Fujia Po tea market, a tea cakes cooked three years to buy 80 yuan, while others cooked a 2-year tea cakes, is only 60 yuan. "Compared to the previous year at its peak, Pu'er tea prices have declined by 2 / 3." Hankow Chashi an operator Ms Chan said that two years ago from Guangzhou frenzied speculation began Pu'er tea, and even Health and tea prices are fired to outrageous levels. Last year, prices plummeted all the way, now has been basically stable. However, more than five years of tea or cooked relatively small number, compared to five years prices are still below cooked tea much higher.

Mr. Wang, senior experts believe that Pu'er tea, Pu'er tea lovers, the current price is more suitable. However, he reminded, some manufacturers in the production date on the fraud, price is also a water collectors must pay particular attention to.