Monday, May 19, 2008

Wa tea is the Teppanyaki what

Wa tea is different from the Teppanyaki roasted tea. Its approach is to boil a pot of water, Huotang shelves in a monolithic, tea Kaozhijiaohuang placed on the plate, and then the tea Kaohao Hunei Add to cook 3-5 minutes, add in Chawan Drinking, burned a tea, boiling water first, it is burning now drink. This bitter tea in the back Gan, with a strong flavor of Coke.

Long human Guanguan how to drink tea » Long generations living in the people in the region, has always been Guanguan tea-drinking customs. Gansu Longde in Guanguan tea with the adjacent Shaanxi Lueyang people Guanguan tea is not only common, but differentiated. Long-such as in the vast region to tourism, the life of the people, there will always be different styles of folk attracted by Xiangqing. Take the habit of tea drinking wind, most of the music, there is a Guanguan tea. Long the favorite of tea, is also a Long Huotang, a tea, such as an egg-size ceramic tile Chaguan and one (or few) Chazhong and a Chapan, constitutes a Long tea in Guanguan All the apparatus. In the winter season in the rural farming Bumang, almost always in the health of the Huotang, people sitting Huotang Bian, while Kaohuo while drinking tea leisurely Guanguan Tantianyuedi. In the past, those difficult time, a mild climate of the season, the average family health Huotang not often, if the tea, the first use of firewood Health Huang Lei soil into the small stoves, known as "Cui Cui" small-Shaguanguanli Into the tea, water on the stove after repeated Aojian, tea has become concentrated in Yan, Manwu fragrance, it will fire from the tank to tea juice into the small, small goods Zhong Yin, Zaiwangshaguan, continued on Water, re-fried on the stove in the second over tea. Long Guanguan in particular about the tea is the most concentrated Tangse Yan and bitter taste. In civil "can drink the thick line of tea to be hanging on in the tea is the real people," said. Today, that is, civil Guanguan drink tea, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and social progress by leaps and bounds, both in tea or tea in the selection of goods have taken place on the notable changes, many people have been drinking tea Huotang Bian from the smoke Huoliao extricate themselves have switched to small electric stove, small kerosene stoves boil tea, past the tiny sand pottery, was also good thermal conductivity, the exquisite beauty of the place of the metal by Xiao Guan; because the tea production Year after year, growing new varieties of tea, plus the marketing of tea growing, the country's tea production areas of tea, has entered the common people's homes. In civil Guanguan drink, they tend to choose more variety, the higher grades of tea. This brings the generations Xiangyan civil Guanguan tea, tea drinks into the modern culture of the new fashion.

He Naicha how the custom of the Mongols » Mongolians living mainly in Inner Mongolia and the edge of some provinces, drinking tea is a traditional Mongolian people's tea-drinking customs. In pastoral areas, they are used to "three meals a day tea", it is often "a meal on the 1st." Daily early morning, housewives first thing is to a Xianzhu a pot of tea for the whole family to enjoy throughout the day. Mongolians like to drink hot tea, the morning while they drink tea, eat Chaomi while remaining on Weihuo tea on a warm, for admission to drink at any time. Usually only one person in the evening to go home before formal dining grazing time, but early in the evening to a three drink tea in general is indispensable. Mongolian drink a tea, with the most green tea or black brick tea, tea utensils is Tieguo. Production, they should first brick tea break, and wash the Tieguo under fire, 2-3 kilograms of water, boiling water heating Lawrence Wong, adding the brick tea break about 25 grams. When boiling water again five minutes after the introduction of milk, amount of water about one-fifth. Stir a little, and then join the appropriate salt. Wait until the beginning of the whole pot to a boiling tea, to be煮好, Shing to be in the bowl to drink. Cook the highly technical to a tea, the tea taste good or bad, the number of nutrients, and with tea, water, milk-doped, as well as feeding the order has had great relations. Such as the late release of tea, tea and milk or increases in the order reversed, Chawei will Chubu Lai. And tea for too long, the tea flavor will be lost. Mongolian compatriots believed that only, tea, milk, salt, five-who co-ordination can be made to Xianxiang, a delicious tea to. To this end, the Mongolian women have acquired a first-hand the good cooking skills to a tea. All those who have attained from the sensible girl, the mother would do well to teach her daughter tea artistry. When she married at the wedding of the Seoul-yan, also in the face in front of friends and family, the ability to reveal the tea. Otherwise, there will be a lack of suspicion ....

You heard the scraping bowl of Muslim tea? » Hui are mainly distributed in China's northwest, in Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu provinces (autonomous regions) the most concentrated. Hui, many living in the desert plateau, the cold weather, lack of vegetables, fresh beef and mutton, dairy-based. And tea in the large number of vitamins and polyphenols, not only to add to the shortage of vegetables, but also contribute to oil addition tired, than to help Consumers. Therefore, since ancient times, tea has always been a Muslim compatriots in the main necessities of life. Hui tea, a variety, which is representative of scraping bowl of tea drinking. Scraping bowl of tea with the tea, commonly known as "San Jiantao." It has Chawan, Wangai and the bowl or disc composed of care. Cha Cha Wan-sheng, Wangai Bao-xiang, anti-hot bowl of care. Tea, the primary Tito, a hand covered, and covered with Wankou used in the field by scraping a few, such an allocation to be floating in the surface of the bubble tea, two to Chawei add food and Integration, scraping bowl Tea is also the name of the resulting health. Scraping bowl of tea with the most common Chaoqing green tea, tea-time, in addition to Chawan-tea, but also placed Bingtang with a variety of dried fruit such as apples dry, raisins, dried persimmon, peach dry, red dates, dry Guiyuan , Wolfberry son, and so on, plus some white chrysanthemums, such as sesame, often as many as eight, it was also their Meiming said: "Babao tea." Since scraping bowl of tea in more types of food, plus the various ingredients in the tea in the leaching of different speed, so each added to the drinking water taste is not very different. Generally speaking, scraping bowl of boiling water used to brew tea, was decked by five minutes after a drink, the first bubble to the taste of tea-based, mainly Qingxiang diethylene glycol; second bubble because of the role of sugar, there is Concentrated sweet incense of the flu through the third bubble, the taste of tea began smeared out, all the flavor of the nuts came into being, according to the specific Tim the nuts on. Generally speaking, scraping bowl of a cup of tea can brew 5-6 times, or even more. Muslim compatriots that the drinking of tea, scraping bowl, Youwei, and at different times, but also to health-tired, nourishing for Health, is a kind of sweet tea's health.