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Tea brewing and drinking goods

Tang ago how people drink tea » Tea, since been found and the use of date, has experienced chewing fresh leaves, the Health and cook soup to drink, dry collection, steaming green cake to do, Chaoqing casual tea, white tea, and even, yellow tea, Heicha, oolong tea, black tea and other tea Class of the development process. When truly become a tea drinks, there is no precise historical records, but at least to the end and the three countries during the Eastern Han Dynasty, tea drinking had a drink. Three Kingdoms period of the Wei Zhang Yi "-Blair" was recorded in tea and tea approach: "Jing, Pakistan leaves for inter-cake, leaves the elderly, into a rice cake to a paste. Zhuming to drink, the first Sunburn Order Chise, chopped at the end, the home of porcelain, to review the pouring soup with onions, ginger, orange Mao (admixture of Italy). Hot their drink, it is not sleep. "This is our way on tea and tea The earliest documented. It tells us: At that time, tea is "cooking" is to "make the pie-leaf" tea cakes, Kaozhi after Daocheng powder, blending green onions, ginger, orange and other spices, then put a cooking pot. This Zhuchu tea into atherosclerosis, even when drinking seasonings together to drink. Has clearly pointed out that the Hot tea as a beverage consumption. This approach has been extended to the Tang Dynasty, only more stress.

Tang how people drink tea » Tang tea is the drink of tea that is Pengcha, JIANCHALING. According to Lu Yu, "the tea," the records, the Tang Dynasty tea production process is "the mining, the steamed, chopped in, the film, baking the wearing of, the closure of the tea is just dry." Drink, the first Fangzaihuoshang Kaozhi tea cakes. Then grind the tea will be crushed into powder tea cakes, and then sieve sieve into Ximo, put in boiling water to cook. When cooking, water Gangkai, surface of the water like a small fish eyes, and "have-" The Sound known as a boil. At this point with some seasoning salt into the water. When Guo Bian Lian-Zhu Yongquan such as blisters, for the second boil, then use Piao scoop out Yipiao water reserve to bamboo caught in the centre stirring the pot, and then inverted into Chamo from the centre. Later pot of tea, "Teng-Gulang," "potential if Ben-tao splash Mo," as three boil, then to just scoop out the water again Piao filled pan, a pot of tea even煮好The. If we continue cooking, Lu Yu that "an old drinking water also." Finally,煮好a scoop into the bowl of tea drinking. "Where Zhushui 1 l, by the end of (Chamo) Fangcun Bi, if properly by those thin, dense, by嗜," "Where Zhushui one l, Wu Wan-discretion, take a hot drink." Former San Wan Taste better, after Liangwan poor. Wu Wan, "Mok of its non-thirsty to drink." This is more prevalent in society at that time the method of tea. In addition because there are different types of tea, "tea as" record: "a thick drink tea, tea powder, at the end of tea, tea cake", so there are still another way, "is Zhuo, is boiled, Yang Nai, Nai Chung, Receptacles in the bottle Fou, to Ottawa Yan Tang, Yan said that the tea. "Chung tea cakes to be placed on the tea powder into the bottle, and then boiling water to brew, instead of cooking, this is the end of the tea drinking methods. There is also a way "or green onions, ginger, date, orange peel, Zhuyu, the mint, and cook the 100 boil, or the sliding Yang, Huozhu to Mo, Sri Lanka abandoned water drains between the ears, and customs不已." Lu Yu was considered a waste water ditch between the tea, is "widely Ya" by recording the Palestinian Jing Zhu Ming in the way, from the three countries for hundreds of years to the Tang Dynasty have been circulated in the civil. This is from ancient times to Caigeng tea as a tea to drink as a simple transition between the patterns, that is, to the ancient tea for Caigeng, may also be some seasonings and cook together, and since as fresh vegetables, we will Salt Caihaoxiafan. Later, no longer cook food, but Zhucheng tea as a beverage, it is still a Aozhu and some seasonings, in order to reduce the bitterness of tea, keep the original taste. Perhaps that is why, despite opposition by Lu Yu Congjiang to tea such as orange peel, but retained the practice of salt, since time immemorial is the flavor of tea with the salty. Since no other Zuoliao, tea Zhenwei easily felt by the tea growing for the pursuit, by the Song dynasty, is no longer on the salt.

Song of tea is how » To the Song Dynasty, tea, is the prevalence of law. Sunburn procedures for tea at tea, roller Romania, bake-,-designate Tang,-fu, cooking trial, the key lies in the fu-and-designate Tang. Tea is the point in the Tang Dynasty Yan tea on the basis of the developed. Lu Yu, "the tea", said: "Tea with crude tea, tea powder, at the end of tea, tea cakes, is Zhuo, is boiled, Yang Nai, Nai Chung, storage in bottles Fou, to Ottawa Yan Tang, said that the Yan Tea. "Yan tea is characterized by the bottle for tea, soup to the Ottawa. The point is the tea from Yan developed from the tea. Cha Cha Yan points along the road to take a step forward, Pengcha step is to put tea in the beacon, a small amount of boiling water for injection into a paste, that "for cream" and then boiling water into the deep belly-mouth bottle, and then Dumping bottles of water injection into the beacon, or bottles of Jianshui, and then injected directly to the beacon in the boiling water, stir at the same time with tea Xian, Chamo floating form of porridge. According to Cai Xiang of Song "in the tea" records, the Song Dynasty, tea main features are: first Kaozhi tea cake, and then Qiaosuiniancheng Ximo, will be used tea-Chamo fine sieve, "Luo Rules floating tea Romania was rough at the end of floating "he said." Note-issuing a tea money Bi, Diaoling very first note-absorbed. Adds implantation, Central fought back fu, Tang is on the lamp can be only one-fourth. Looking fresh as their white, a beacon water marks Better. "To be screened off Chamo Add to tea beacon, injected a small amount of water, mixing very homogeneous, and then injected into boiling water, use a bamboo tea Xian repeatedly hit, to produce bubbles (known as Tang Hua) , Reached tea beacon side wall without leaving traces of water are best for the state. Law and the Tang Dynasty, tea method of tea is the biggest difference is no longer Chamo into a pan to cook, but on tea beacon, with Ciping boil water injection, further hit fu, have a drink after the bubble Use, not to add salt to maintain the tea Zhenwei. Tea at the beginning of the Song dynasty came from Japan, has spread. Now the Japanese tea ceremony in the Maccha Road is a point of tea.

Song Doo tea What is the law » Tea is fighting began in late Tang Dynasty, Song and Yuan Sheng in the evaluation of tea quality and level of skills than the trial Tea高下a tea, tea point to this method of assessment tea and tea Bishi skills contest, is also popular Song Yuan a game. Tea is actually a bucket of tea competitions, usually on February 3 or March 5 that has been together, Jianshui, tea, mutual assessment to see the point of tea higher skills that point to brown, smell and taste better than others . There are two specific criteria, first-Doo, to see the surface of the tea and uniformity of color, fresh white to be the winner. Second, the bucket of water marks, to see the beacon of tea and soup to spend a beacon wall phase grounding the water marks, water marks for wins, less. Cha Doo used by the beacon is black tea, it easier to set off the white tea, tea lamp with water marks on it more easily seen. Therefore, when the Fujian tea production Heiyou beacon of the most popular.

Zhu Ming of how the right tea » Zhu rights (1378-1448), Ming Taizu 16 of Zhu Yuanzhang, closed-ning WANG. Bright others at an early age, old age believe in Taoism, with great concentration of tea ceremony, the "tea spectrum." "Tea spectrum," in addition to the book introduction, 16 minutes. In its introduction, succinctly raises Renzhi Shi Ya tea thing is for self-cultivation, Ding Bai can not understand. "Haneda covered ancient Shang-qi, as the system at the end of the ointment for the cake. To Emperor Renzong,而立Long Mission, Fung Mission, Mission, the name of miscellaneous to all incense and decorated with gold color, not without its Zhenwei wins. However, biological world, then their sexual, Morrow leaf tea. Chuo the cooking and to thus also of its nature. Pengcha take it to the law, at the end of a tea, worshipping the new Gaiyi, Zichengyijia. "Superscript Shi Ming Yi, the There are also described in the original. Text the outset that the function of tea "help poetry," "V Shuimo", "times the light," "large intestine and Libya, to plot the next hot Huatan gas", "anti Xiaoshi, Chufan to tired". Zhu Yun come to the view that many of the tea, and Cai Xiang Lu Yu was only the essence of tea. He also believes that as the tea leaf tea cakes, because it preserved the natural color of the tea-flavor-shaped, future generations are all pleased to alter the method of tea and to open a dry tea leaves. Zhu pointed out that the right to the highest realm of tea: "Quanshi, or between a Song-zhu, or Haoyue the wind blowing out windows or sit static Shuyou, is the light of the language and passengers, while the Senate legislation Exploration virtual good fortune, and mind - Chushen Table "he said." Tea spectrum, "recorded in a stove for tea, stoves, mill, grind, Romania, planes, spoons, Xian, Ou, bottles. "Tea spectrum," from tea, for water, Jiantang, the four points of tea drinking tea method. Zhu believe that tea should be right for Guyu tea and water when the "elderly village Qi Qingcheng Mountain spring water," "Landscape", "the Yangtze River Water Heart", "Lushan Silla water-curtain", Jiantang to grasp the "three boil the law" , Points to tea as "beacon", "Note-small-Leveling Draw Frame", "Xuan inserted, Central fought back fu", and other procedures, and that "beacon on the soup can is only seven, a beacon for traces of water Miao" . There are tea at tea, incense Tea Act.

You know that money piling in "four to Jianchaling"? » Money-chun, the word bin Guangxi, Jiangsu Changshu, its "tea spectrum" for nine years in the Jiajing (1530) before and after. "Tea spectrum," a book-like tea, tea products, tea, and other nine parts. The "JIANCHALING Fourth, we should," "Third, we should point tea" written in simple practical. "JIANCHALING Fourth, we should" means: Choose water, washing tea, soup-designate, optional goods. If the water does not Jianchaling Commissioner, would seriously damage the smell of tea; Pengcha, rinse with hot water to tea, tea removed Chengou and air-conditioning, then cooked to taste the tea Commissioner; Jiantang small fire to be baked, live Huozhu , Live fire that a charcoal flame of fire, Jian Tang, not to burn the boiling water, to preserve the essence of tea, tea bottles to the election of the small, easy to control the degree of boiling water, tea, water, or have measured, Tea beacon宜用Jian'an the Tu Hao beacon. "Third, we should point tea" means: Di, tea-, optional goods. Point before the first tea-wash; tea beacon of-milk tea is the key point of the cooking, it is not appropriate to treasure the fruits of miscellaneous herbs, incense were able to seize pine nuts, Gancheng, almonds, IL, wood, plum blossom , Jasmine, roses, Sweetclover like to have seized colored persimmon, plastic date, the fire peach, Yangmei, such as tangerine orange, so like to drink good tea, only remove the various Huaguo can really taste the tea innocent Commissioner. If at the same time inclusion Huaguo spices, tea really incense, Zhenwei, the true colors will be confused and can not distinguish. If we need to file that tea drinking fruit tea, then, walnut, hazelnut, Guaren, Zaoren, turbot metres, Terminalia catappa, chestnuts, Jitou, ginkgo, Chinese yam, dried bamboos, sesame, Chu Chang Artemisia, lettuce, celery After finishing the special, and so on may also be used more.

Ming Hsu of the world <> how the goods mentioned in the tea drinking » Xu, the world (1549-1604), the words ran out, of South China, the Qiantang people. "Tea reduced," written in the Wanli 25 years (1597). "Tea reduced," a method of tea insights, summarized the hands of tea, hot water into the teapot, then quickly put the tea in boiling water and the Hugaigaiyan. , And other respiratory about three hours after the tea all fell to the glenoid, and then the tea into the pot, such as breathing about three times the time for the sinking of tea, and then fell to the tea in tea Ou, dedicated to the guests. Xu, to think, "Tang Yao Ou note, the most to dry clean, daily Morningside, will be to Feitang Di hot, extremely familiar with jute towels, inside Shigan to Zhubian planes, and Gui review of the dryness. Cuisine When random access. Xiu matter is completed…… Ou residues in Shenyang, to be the dumping of, once again as appropriate, such as a deposit or, wins-lost taste. "He believes that the quality of a good autumn tea, July and August recoverable Again. Xu, the world also believe that the small amount of FANG Yi in the taste. A pot of tea, only worthy to visit. …… For repeat visits if the giant, full of diarrhoea drink, to be parked less temperature, or for concentrated hard, Heyi Carpenter for agricultural workers, but the trickle-down required, for tours of Ho, Ho knows flavor between » Xu in the world "tea reduced," further said: "The Yellow River water from the sky. Cloud, Tuse, that is, net of Weicheng, spontaneous flavor." Even if the statements were made by mixing muddy water of the Yellow River, as long as the clarification, also enables high-tea Weichun. Tea-time world that should be in the natural environment, interpersonal relations, tea mentality of people contact, as the elegant tea and enjoy the spirit of perseverance in pursuit. Hsu stressed that the world "but in tune with the heart, mutual Chang Sik, the Qing eloquent statement, from slightly Xinghai, before they can be called child bonfire, at the discretion of water soup." In fact, the tea gathering and step in嗜not嗜tea and tea, but whether it is intended to "tea grounds", that is, the pursuit of harmony. Days with people, people, people with Habitat, tea and water, tea and equipment, water and fire, and the situation with the rationale, this harmony between the two harmonization, is the essence of the drink. According to the "tea reduced," said that the most appropriate time for tea and the environment are as follows: heart leisurely hand, Phi Yong-tired, Italy Ogata confusion, songs make music, song song finally stop, Mrs door to avoid, Guqin see paintings, Late at night a total of language, that the net several windows, Jiakexiaoji, and friends to the beginning of the wind on the Qinghe, light overcast light rain, the bridge Huafang, Maulin Xiuzhu, the Dutch pavilion summer, the small courtyard Fenxiang, who scattered liquor Lang , The son generation vegetarian Museum, Qingyou Temples, who Guaishi-chuen. To string: Zuoshi the drama of the rain and snow on the Cambodian-large seats available Juanzhi Yan Mangpo personnel and to drink on the matter should not be used when the opposite: the evil water for copper spacious wooden spoon copper Diao fuelwood carbon coarse bran child evil Bi dirty towels should not be drug-colored fruit in recent: Yam house kitchen City Xuan children tellurium wild child slaves of the people to coax hot vegetarian homes

How good a pot of tea, or bubble a cup of tea » To foam good a pot of tea, it is necessary to emphasize practical, scientific, artistic and stress. First of all the tea water stress. The ancient tea on the choice of water, while Jie Gan First, Second, live and fresh, and the third is water properly. Modern scientific and technological progress to a scientific water quality standards, health standards for drinking water quality of the senses, chemistry, toxicology and bacteria, such as the four aspects. Tea water, generally using natural water, natural water sources can be divided into the spring (Landscape), stream, river (river), the lake water, well water, rain, snow, and so on. Tap water is purified through the natural water. Tap water is sometimes used excessive chlorine disinfection, heavy smell, can be stored in the first water tank in place 24 hours after the fire boiling tea. Water hardness and closely related to the quality of tea. PH value of water more than 5:00, Tangse deep, PH value reached 7:00, theaflavins of which tend to disappear automatically. Soft water-soluble tea active ingredient, it Chaweijiaonong. In addition, the water reached the lead content of 0.2 mg / kg, bitter tea changed; magnesium content greater than 2 mg / kg, Chawei smeared out; calcium content greater than 2 mg / kg, Chawei change Shibuya; if to 4 mg / kg , Chawei changed plight. So the election soft water to make tea or temporary hard water is better. In natural water, rain and snow is soft water, streams, springs, water (river) is a temporary hard water, some groundwater for hard water, distilled water for artificial soft water. This was followed by the tea utensils. Many of the containers the ancient tea, Lu Yu, "the tea", given tea and 29 kinds of tea utensils, tea Today there is no water appliances, Zhushui appliances, is usually teapot, teacups, Chawan, Chapan , Chazhong, Chatuo tea, and other appliances. Northeast, north area, most people drink-Huacha, commonly used larger Cihu tea, and then as appropriate to Cibei drinking. Gangnam area, the general who love to drink green tea, the use of a covered Cihu tea. Fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia area, in particular favorite oolong tea,宜用Zisha apparatus. Sichuan, Anhui area popular drink Gaiwan Cha, Gaiwan from Wangai, Chawan and Chatuo composed of three parts. Who drink green tea, such as West Lake Longjing, the best choice of colorless, transparent glass. Commodities drink green tea from green tea and refresh, regardless of the cup, are not large to small, otherwise the heat easily Tea Tang Shu. In addition to these commonly used tea utensils, there are some complementary tea, such as the teapot with a tea-ship (and tea pool, a disk-shaped, Wanxing two); full bloom with the Chazhong tea (tea and sea ); Taste of tea, the tea could be used Sheng; Zhanshui used Chajin; scoop water with the teaspoon, place the cup with Chapan and Chatuo; specialized storage of tea with the Tieguan, pottery, wood cans and other receptacles of tea utensils. Third, we should pay attention to tea consumption. The amount of tea tea three elements (dosage, water temperature and brewing time and frequency) of the first. A wide variety of tea, tea, tea consumption vary, but also tea appliances, size and the habit of tea drinking. General brew red, green tea, tea and water is in the ratio of 1:50 or roughly one sixty, or one cup-about 3 grams of tea, plus 150 to 200 ml of boiling water. Such as drinking Pu'er tea, oolong tea, tea-cup each of 5-10 grams, such as pot brewing, according to the appropriate size teapot master of capacity, volume for volume teapot half or more. Fourth, the attention of tea water temperature. The water temperature in tea because tea master them. High tea, especially green tea were Yaye and refine the general use of boiling water about 80 degrees brewing. Easy to damage the water temperature is too high tea in vitamin C, caffeine easily precipitate, which turn yellow tea, taste more bitter. Huacha various drinking water, black tea, green tea Zhongdi Dang, the use of boiling water 90-100 brewing, such as low temperature, the active ingredient in tea less precipitation, tea Wei Dan. Brew tea, Pu'er tea and Tuocha, because each time with tea and tea in more rough old, we must use 100 degrees of boiling water Gunkai brewing. Minority drinking Jinya Cha, requires a higher temperature, the brick tea Qiaosuiaozhu. The tea is usually effective substances in the water solubility associated with the water temperature, 60 degrees warm water leaching the only effective material equivalent to 100 degrees of boiling water leaching of 45-65%. Fifth, it is time to pay attention to brew. Brew tea time and frequency related. Tea brewing time and type of tea used in tea, water temperature and tea drinking habits have relations. Time to brew tea drinking concentration for the taste as the standard, generally speaking, with the amount of tea, the water temperature high. Red, green tea and refine broken, the brewing time to short, 3-5 minutes. 1-3 times the number of suitable brewing, with the number of Se brewing, brewing time should be appropriately extended. Brewing at best a small amount of boiling water first inverted, the immersion of tea, with over 10% to July 8, will be Chenre drinking, when they drink to excess Cup 1 / 3 at tea with boiling water around the second brew, continue to drink to 1 / 3 at tea, to brew the third time, this will enable more uniform concentrations before and after tea. Oolong tea brewing up to 5-7 times the number of times, because of its use of small Zisha Hu, shorter brewing time, generally about 2 minutes, the first bubble will be inverted by 1 minute, starting from the second bubble gradually Se 15-30 seconds of the brewing time, this concentration of tea before and after it more uniform.

Families with a variety of tea, how to drink «Some people in one day, at different times different drink tea, drink a cup of early morning light of the High green tea, Xingnao Qingxin; am drinking a cup of jasmine tea, pleasant fragrance can be improved Efficiency; afternoon for a drink, refreshing relief; rest of the afternoon when they drink a glass of milk or drinking a cup of green tea and senior little heart, fruit, nutritional supplements; night can find a few friends or family reunion together, the counter; a pot of Oolong tea, while Talk-drink tea, do not have some fun. Qiao tea on the 1st of this arrangement, if you are interested, may also wish to try.

How modulation milk tea »Many young people prefer to drink milk delicious brew tea. Their preparation methods: Add to first modest tea in the teapot, tea-drinking with slightly more than some, and then into the hot water, about 5 minutes later, from Huzui pouring tea on the coffee mug in the case of black tea Teabag can be even a bag of tea bags on the coffee mug, hot water used to brew 5 minutes, to abandon Chadai. To the cup and then add milk and Fangtang amount, the amount of milk to the tea into a modulation Jiehong, yellow to red degrees. Nailiang excessive, Tangse grey, tea fragrance weak, Nailiang too little, loss of milk tea flavor, sugar content and easy for people to palatability for the degree.

Why do some people like to use of Chinese wolfberry, American ginseng, white chrysanthemums, orange peel, mint, and so added to the tea in tea drinking »of tea with Chinese wolfberry, a nourishing anti-role. "Materia Medica Shu" on the effectiveness of Chinese wolfberry for a more comprehensive exposition: "wolfberry son, Run and nourishing, and can be cooling while the in Bushen, Runfei, Sheng Jin, Yiqi, liver and kidney for the lack of real Yam , Laofa heat to replenishing the drug. Elderly Yin 10 of July 8, the take home for the benefit of Shangpin smart heads. " Medlar-drink tea, not only for liver and kidney yin vacuity of dizziness caused by blinking, vision loss, Yaoxisuanruan, Yi Jing and other Jiufu very effective, but also for high blood fat, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, also have a certain effect. American ginseng tea-drinking with, we can use American ginseng Weiganxinliang the nature of adjustment Chawei; American ginseng-Yin and very good results. This common good of American ginseng tea Yifei Yangwei, Ziyin Tianjin, Qingxu fire, to the effect of low heat. White chrysanthemum tea to drink, can play a white chrysanthemum Pinggan Qian Yang, Shufeng heat, cooling blood Mingmu effectiveness, and white chrysanthemums Hsiang Wei Gan, tea drinking tea can enhance flavor, good palatability. Drinking tea with orange peel, orange peel can use the width of Qi, Xiao Tan cough effectiveness, orange peel bubble tea, to go pyrolysis sputum, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, the cough Duotan who drink a useful. Drinking tea with mint, mint can be used in menthol, mint-Shufeng the heat, drinking tea and have a sense of cool, heat is a diuretic medicine.

Passengers should pay attention to what Jingcha »Jingcha is off to a traditional Chinese virtue. Although a cup of Qing-Cha, but this is a noble ritual. Jingcha passengers should pay attention to the following points: First, tea drinking establishments must clean, elegant best way is to have the atmosphere of the second, tea sets and tea to adapt, hygiene; third, to the guests on a tea tea And, if necessary, allow guests to watch the tea's appearance; fourth, must not use Shouzhua group of tea, tea proportion to appropriate; Fifth, for drinks when it is not appropriate to ease the urgency and attention to the water continued timely Tim bubble; sixth, to give his own views on Some of this tea on the origin, style, quality characteristics, add a lot more fun.