Monday, May 19, 2008

Tea Storage

The tea is to clean-and easy exposed to moisture, mildew and absorb odour. Once mildew success or failure of tea, no matter what methods are difficult to recover, which is tantamount to waste. Therefore, the tea must be properly stored. In this regard, the ancients many successful experiences.

Ming Feng Meng-Chen "fast-Church of Man" said: "Tea is Daweng, home at the end of Ruo, Fenggudaofang, the summer is not yellow, its gas is not the Chinese." That was already drying and reduce gas use The exchange of ways to maintain the quality of the tea experience.

1984, Sweden and salvage the September 12, 1745 sinking of running aground, "Goteborg" ship, from ship to be cleared in the quagmire of the 240 letters buried in a group of porcelain Qianlong period and 370 tons of tea. Surprisingly, this is also the basic integrity of tea, some of which can even drink. Wooden box with tea packaging, thickness one centimeter above the box Xianpu a layer of lead-and then a layer of uniform external application of tung oil Sangpi Zhi. The soft, hard, double-spacing, so there was tightly wrapped in the tea is very difficult to oxidation. This discovery proved that, between the Swiss have also had a way of tea, even more Gan Wudao the ancient wisdom and smart (see Lu Qi "to the Qianlong period Gucha exports", "agricultural archaeology" 1993.4 ).

Storage of bulk tea, in addition to the traditional lime block collection, storage of carbon, are still exhaust Chongdan law. Shouzhu tea in the family, places of suitable storage tank. Tank storage available Ciping, pottery, Qihe, Boli Guan, and other containers, particularly in tin cans for good.

Liu Xianting Qing Dynasty, "Yang Guang journal", said: "Second-Springs-be willing to Zhejiang, also in a tin. More than that of water and tea for the most affordable, tin receptacles bottles of tea, aroma to leave." Zhou Liang workers "Ji-Min on the" Yiyun: "Fujian people to Cucidanping receptacles tea, nearly Gushan-mentioned new name (grass-head) to the time of Xin'an, a system for a radius of tin, then feel Shencaiyiyi." Visible Ming Dynasty Have adopted the latter part of a storage tin of tea. Chao is one of the tin Chaguan this traditional inheritance.

At present the market tin cans, many of miscellaneous income, such as lead and zinc metal, long hindered by the health, has yet to see the relevant exposition. Recent popular stainless steel double-covered Chaguan big mouth, clean lightweight, have different specifications, rather convenient to use. Such as the common tinplate cans, such as the first to use the former Chamo polished wall to remove a small amount of odour, also may be convenient and practical storage of tea utensils. Storage of tea, as long as the water content of not more than 6 percent, (that is, a finger could be a twist of tea powder) can be long unbeaten possession.倘能Add to a silicone pouch (a red out, with Weihuo the sun to bake or to green, and continue to use), the effect will be more ideal.