Monday, May 19, 2008

Anxi Chun Tea yields have declined slightly basic price stability

At present, all Anxi tea has a comprehensive listing of Chuncha, Anxi County, tea, director of the NEC, the State High tea on the division Chen Shui-chao, said: "This year Chuncha situation can be summed up as five, namely 'production decreased slightly; Quality continued to improve; prices basically stable; optimistic about the market; continue to strengthen the leading role '. "

It is learnt that the 2007 Anxi tea-gifted than the rate in 2005 increased 11 percent from the average price of tea products in early 2005 of 62 yuan / kg in 2007 to 78 yuan / kg. At present, the Anxi total area of 50 million mu of tea, tea with an annual output of 52,000 tons, the total output value of 5.7 billion yuan.

Earlier this year, Anxi County, the relevant departments of specialized organizations pushed the price of tea, such as conduct special training to ensure that tea prices are slightly enhance stability. Meng county party secretary in particular the military said, "Anxi tea prices should return to rational." Tea in China are Baitanmaicha market town of Jingu tea farmers Fu Jin said: "As a cold some time ago and little rain, bringing this year sold Chuncha Less than last year, but improve the quality of tea, Maochayijin can sell 250 to 300. Anxi County, mainly because of the implementation of the new kinds of tea cultivation, I present the Red Tieguanyin high-quality, relatively好卖. "Chinese tea are Market-lin, deputy secretary of Party Committee of water-said: "This year Chuncha market transactions, from March 26 to May 9 this over 40 days, the only tea market are scattered tea trading volume has 4,070 tons, the average market transactions Basically flat with last year. "