Monday, May 19, 2008

A cup of a few Qing-Tea-language materials Yongfu Temple of the Zen tea time A Qing-Tea

Brought tea, people often think of Longjing tea asked, or Chunzao-dock, and other scenic areas, Lingyin not think of this treasure land. It is because the Lingyin area of Tianzhu incense too strong to form a thick rich Buddhist culture. However, according to Lu Yu, "the tea" records, the earliest Hangzhou-rich tea, Tianzhu is the Lingyin area.

In fact, Zen Buddhist say to the WTO, with the people打成一片. This tea has quietly done, not only to the name of the Buddha. Yongfu Temple hospital has its own tea - Fuquan Tea House. Tea to the hospital, is the afternoon hours, is outside the most popular teahouse, but Lique is still clean. Tea House is taking the refined elegance of line, gathered more than the economic circle and cultural circles of scholars and so on. Ending up Qiao, also with the Monastery of the Zhike Puguang Master-A few words.

We had a pot Longjing new bubble tea, Chaxiang very short, but very clearly, and the water temperature and air flow, open to Piaosan. Small taste, feel that the color of tea Wenrun, importers sweet. So specifically ask the Master. Master laugh, we go to a monastery with the one-chuen, said that the water in the brewing since the nature of the gift. "You Quan to Baisha, near-field Monk family;-Takuan to try to be cooked Danding tea." This is the original temple famous "Pak Sha-chuen."

A meal Suzhai

A tea work, Ritou on the ramp, we stay in the temple to enjoy vegetarian. Yuki is not the first time to Yongfu Temple, she tells us here but a vegetarian must, Haide our stomachs more hungry. Dishes on very quickly, we four and five one soup, eggplant, green vegetables, tofu, is still common ingredients, colors are fresh to drop, eat into their mouths do not know why that is particularly cool. Yuki proudly tell us, do not read these small vegetables, eating less than is absolutely outside, because they are water Lingling mountain vegetables, green absolute, absolute health!

Shi Ji came to the Main Hall, one eye is looking more than half of the West Lake in Hangzhou and a bustling, but we are living in a place that only leaves the Shasha Hunhuang sound and lighting. Indeed, there is our daily work life, so busy and live in cities, Hangzhou is also aware of how beautiful, but I have very little to stop pace to enjoy this city.
One night Qinyin

Zen-qin song, which is the name of a show, today we have encountered. Jialing stresses in the hospital, Zen tea ﹑ Kunqu ﹑ guqin Chung up to us together. Jialing stresses homes Zhudian Angels Church in the Vatican to an ongoing Chan Yi, Qu Yun, Chords, as the keynote performance. Although the days are close to June 7, but because of lasting duration of sunshine, YU's shadow or vaguely visible. In this role Guangyu Ying, the Vatican Angels Church in Chan Yi, Qu Yun, Chords another outside a layer of poetry. To return to the scene to listen to performances Nagqu "Chibi" long Guyun, are not governed by thoughts from God. Zhike Seng told us that this is the third time Sili organizations such activities, the first two are for young entrepreneurs Association and the Association of calligraphy and painting, and today, no doubt we are a nice ring.

The weather gradually Anhei down, we decided to stay Yongfu Temple. With a mentor to the legends of the rest rooms, the brain is an impression of Chan Fang hardware Banchuang, a moon can be thoroughly into the room, we can use the moonlight few mosquitoes. The results, let us greatly surprised at these rooms is the double standard, in addition to the lack of a television set, central air conditioning, Simmons, Dianshui Hu everything, not to mention the hot water.

Lying Chan Fang Standard, a feeling Chords still in the eyes closed. Yejing very, Qinyin in the heart but Shen net. Have in many places to enjoy a quiet night, in mountains, in the ancient village, but it is the first time in the monastery. "The temple is bowing" to "to go to the temple eat tea", whether it is fresh, curious, or short-term Masquerade - and temples, with the symbolic significance of symbols, in the eyes of Chinese people has always been a blessing to the visit , The original, it can also be upgraded to self-cultivation resort.