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There are several modeling Zisha Teapot

Zisha Teapot basically three points form: geometric-type, the type of natural, gluten-Wen. Geometric type, known as optical goods, optical goods produced is the best talent identification, optical goods refers to the shape of different body parts, each process is requested to ensure that there are a meat bone, flesh and blood booths absorbed, Have their own character, personality and norms, these explicit requirements depends on a simple linear, with rich content for people to look at quality of skill, aesthetic taste vary from person to person, such as the Duo-traditional pots, bamboo drum pots, Han Jun-pot, a pot-, four-pot, to the wall pots, pots and so on foreign barrels. Natural-Tea more direct simulation of the inherent nature or human creation, as the basic form of modeling, the jargon known as the "flower shipment." In such works in the simulation of an objective image, is divided into two kinds: One is the direct object of a certain type of typical, evolved into the shape of the pot such as pumpkin pots, pots Chen Shui-bian persimmon, plum of the pot and another is Geometric-type, the Hushen extinguishers, select the appropriate location, the way to use decorative carvings or Toudiao a way to a typical image of paste, such as evergreen pot, at the spring pot, plum-type pots, bamboo Pots and so on. Zisha is gluten-profile artists in the production of long-term practice of the creation of a pot. Wen Wen tendons and tendons between the treatment generally has three: The first one is the flower type, the second is the chrysanthemum or fruits of pot-making patterns, the third is the second of metamorphosis, tendons and tendons Wen Wen Between the lines with a Aojin.

Zisha Hu Identification What are the standards » Identification of Zisha Hu quality standards can be summed up in four elements: the shape can be summarized as, God, the four gaseous elements. "Shape" that form the United States, the outline of the work, which is a telling as the "god" that is, charm, is a Tacit can experience the charm to the spirit of "gas" that is, temperament, Arts and the pot all the essential content of the U.S. "State" that is, form, the works of high-and low-fat, thin, just, Sophie, to a round of attitude from the above areas through the works is a cooked up absolute perfection of good works.

Zi Shahu an evaluation of the content of which must have several factors » Zi Shahu an evaluation of the content must have the following three main factors: the perfect image of the structure; superb production techniques; good practical function. Image structure refers to the pot's mouth and pull, covered, New Zealand, feet, with the ratio of Hushen overall coordination. Accreditation is the superb artistry Zisha Hu Yi merits criteria. Excellent practical function is to refer to the appropriate volume and weight, when the pot pull, they grip, the pot around the Hefeng, Huzui the water smooth, taking into account also the color and pattern refined harmony.

How to enjoy Zisha Hu » Zisha Hu has been divided into four classes: daily necessities pot (that is, Dalu Huo), crafts pot (that is, small goods), special art (that is, celebrities famous works), works of art (the lives of wealthy art works). Wu Gezi used to summarize: mud, shape, workers and, of power. Before the words belong to the arts standards, after a word for the work standards. The first is "mud", Zisha Hu called the world, and it is inseparable from the production techniques, but the fundamental reason is Zisha mud to the special advantages. According to modern scientific analysis, Zisha of mud and other elements is different from the mud, mud is the same Zisha its structure may be different, because different raw materials, the functional utility and gives the functional feelings vary, so an evaluation Zisha Hu's merits, the first should be the pros and cons of Zisha mud. The second is the "shape." Zi Shahu of shape, is the world of the containers in the most abundant, known as "non-a-side, a round of the mixed" praise. Modeling is how to assess these benevolent-see, see-wise, because the social function of art is to meet people's psychological needs. Zi Shahu form entirely feeling, Zhi Hu stresses such as the kind, and so powerful, according to modeling school stresses is balanced. That is only Tacit, not Yan Zhuan, artistic aspirations depend on the feeling of sympathy, understanding of the soul, the so-called "heart is Lingxi Yidian Tong." The third is the "public." The arts have many things in place, Zisha Hu's modeling techniques and techniques of Chinese painting of a similar Meticulous Miao, such as point, line, surface of the body that form the basic elements of Zisha Hu, Zisha Hu molding process, must be clear, just like Meticulous Painting, Qibilabi, turning twists and turns must be explained clearly. Zisha Hu Process in accordance with the special requirements, and pull Huzui to have been absolutely in line and weight to be balanced; Hukou and Hugai to combine strict. Fourth, it is "of." , That is the pot of knowledge. Appreciation Zisha Hu mean a two-story, a layer of meaning to identify the pros and cons of the pot, the pot production, inscriptions, Juan-ming, who is the author, is another layer of meaning to enjoy the content of Zisha Hu surface inscription, engraved content of the painting , And India. Zisha Hu's traditional Chinese decorative arts are also part of the decorative arts, it has the traditional "poetry, books, paintings, printed" four in one of the notable features, in addition to enjoy a look at it Zisha Hu Nai-crafts, modeling, production of handicrafts Kung Fu, there are also literature, calligraphy, painting, in epigraphy, and so on. Therefore, a Zisha Hu process can bring people to appreciate more the enjoyment of the United States. Fifth, it is reactive. Gong refers to the so-called functional U.S.. Zisha Hu crafts function mainly in the United States: 1, 2 appropriate capacity, height properly 3, I covered a strict 4, the effluent to smooth the current most of the habit of tea drinking, the best in the general capacity for the 200-350 ml Jia, its capacity in just about four cups. Just hand in hand touch of the hand, it referred to as the primary pot. Zisha Hu crafts height, each use, high-Hukou small, to bubble tea; dwarf Hukou, to bubble tea, but must be appropriate, too high tea easily lost flavor, while the short-tea overflow from the Hukou, Huzui water is also crucial, all these functions are all U.S. craft standards.

How to choose Zisha Hu » Election pot of essentials in the following areas: 1, the acquisition of new pots, pots and crafts modeling to shape the United States, to see their comfortable satisfaction than 2, the pot of texture, Taigu to a solid color to Run, the choice of new Pot, first Qingbohugai to sound sonorous Qingyang, pleasant to listen to the pot sound better than 3, the election should first hear the pot there Guaiwei Hunei heard, the new general pot that can be slightly soil smell, but can be chosen; If the fire with flavor, oil or artificial coloring Mo taste of Guaiwei is undesirable, 4, the pot is better precision crafts, Hugai closely with the extent of the Hushen better, otherwise Chaxiang fugitive, Yun-mei. Ji thorn in the method of water into the pot, hand-mouth or pore pressure, and then dumping the pot, the trickle-down or no-Hugai not have that precision. 5, the pot of water to flow crafts design the most, dumping the pot pouring can not keep the pot of boiling water, preferably, a water cluster of the length of the beam can be compared, the elderly better. 6, the intensity of the pot to the point should be close to the water when the craft Hushen center of gravity, water injection into the pot about three-quarters, and then dumping the pot pouring slowly, while Shunshou good, while anti-poor. 7, the pot of tea with the characteristics of the application to fit better, Zisha Hu tea, is generally higher frequency of the sound, appropriate allocation bubble-tea aroma crafts, such as the Qing-Cha; pot-slightly lower than those to Bubble-tea taste, such as Oolong, Tieguanyin, and so on.

What is the tea ceremony » Contemporary tea sector Master Mr. Wu Juenong "Review of the tea," a book to the tea ceremony under the definition is: "The tea regarded as valuable and noble beverage, tea is a spiritual enjoyment, is an art, or a Of the means of self-cultivation. "Mr. Zhou Zuoren" Tianshi • Chicha life ", he said:" The meaning of the tea ceremony, using ordinary words, can be called 'Manglitouxian, Kuzhongzuole', that the United States and enjoy a harmonious, Experience in the twinkling of an eye permanent…… "Therefore, it can be said is a cultural art of tea ceremony, the tea things and is the perfect combination of culture, education and training is a means. "Tea ceremony with the formation of two conditions: First, the widespread cultivation of tea, the tea is the common drink. The history of Chinese tea ceremony can be roughly divided into three stages: first period, from China's Sui Dynasty Shennong to tea brewing Period. During this long period, the tea culture into the matter several books. The second period was the Tang Dynasty, Chinese tea ceremony is the formation of the period. Lu Yu is the founder of the Chinese tea ceremony, he has a "tea as" the world's first Comprehensive monograph on tea, a total of three volumes, the source, with and by creating, for, cook, drink, to like, figure 10. Lu Yu Tea ordinary matter will be upgraded to a wonderful cultural Arts and Advocated by the tea ceremony: fine Xingjian Germany. The third period was the Sung Dynasty, China's development heyday of the tea ceremony. Kun Song, however blindly for your tea, culture blindly seeking Accor, the popular fighting game of tea, tea has kingcraft tilt the loss of the tea ceremony The simple sincerity. Now, molding the character of Tea Ceremony is gradually integrate into the modern city's leisure life, all kinds of tea has gradually for people to understand that the use of.

Yunnan tea is what the Zhutong » Dai compatriots This is a method of tea, Dai called "La Duo." This is a very special way of tea, it will first load of fresh tea Zhu Tong, on Huo Tangbian baking, while baking, add a side of tea, tea until Zhutong filled, pinched until compaction. Zhu Tong Kaozhijiaohuang, Chaxiang spills can be removed Huotang, Poukaizhutong, take a little tea Add to Chawan, use boiling water to brew, you can drink. This special Qingxiang delicious tea, a drink of fresh Chunnong feeling.

You have heard of the Long Hudou Naxi tea? » Naxi called "Aguilar roasted", first of all will be placed on small pots of tea in baking, tea Jiaohuang into the water to be boiled, followed in the preparation of good Chazhong into Banbei liquor, and then tea Sheng Chazhong into the liquor, then sent Cup pleasant beep, beep after Duancha respect to passengers, tea concentrated wines, unique flavor.

Miao you heard of the "worm tea"? » Worm tea is further Miao Autonomous County in Hunan City Changan Changan rural village of well-known native products, has 200 years of history. Legend has it Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, local spurs Tong Mountain area of minority uprising was suppressed after the Qing Jun fled to the mountains. For a time without food can fill their stomachs, but that the Kucha-bush sticks fresh leaves for food, water only when the sense of bitterness, McGREGOR recollection of sweet food, then pick a lot and used Luokuang and Barrel store, and so on. Unexpectedly, a few months later, Kucha sticks was a body of the insect Chiguang black, Luokuang in only some of the barrels was dark brown, like rapeseed and waste as a small worm feces, people sad, while an impasse, forced Unfortunately, only tentative and will residues and insects are put into Zhutong feces, into the boiling water and saw enveloping his, Paojin to brown red tea, has Qingxiang, sweet, happy under the drink, feel particularly comfortable and delicious And Qingxiang sweet. Since then, the local Miao fellow Kucha branches will be deliberately feeding insects, and then made of insect feces worm tea, Miaozhai become a major feature of popular so far. Today, people like to Miaozhai travel, can still enjoy the unique flavor, "Miao worm tea."

You have heard of the 15 tea? Dongjia » 15 Dong Nationality Autonomous County of Guangxi tea popular places such as the Lunar 15 per night, small groups of young men and women to walk to his village Walled, Zhaizhong the girls will be gathered in a girl, the question lads to play after tea Hospitality. Tea is still before the first Duige, from the woman asked the man answer, who can answer tea, Xiancha when the first woman in a bowl put on two pairs of chopsticks, aims to test whether there is a young object, the two sides to be used song Duida Xiancha after the second line, then, there were no bowls of chopsticks, in a bid to test whether intelligent young man. A song again after the beginning of the third Xiancha, then put a bowl on a chopsticks, is probing whether the love in the woman's husband, to answer after the fourth Xiancha, then that is a bowl-a pair of chopsticks, that 10% Two-pairs, two of India.

You have heard of salt tea? » This is the Naxi, Li Li, Pumi, anger and Miao ethnic minorities, and many a favorite method of tea. Raw materials for local production of tea or cake bear tea, tea sets for small and Cibei Waguan, is broken up into first Jinya Cha Waguan, can move Huotang baked to a tea "Pipa" beep and Coke incense smell, slowly into the water, Zaizhu five minutes, and then tied the salt into tea, jitter down to a few, slightly tea salt flavor, you can Huotang out of the tea sub-fell to the Cibei , Tainong when diluted with water to drink.

You have heard of roasted tea? «This is the oldest and Lahu common method of tea. Soil is the small tank on Huotang grilled on the heat, then Add to tea, while jitter-baking to brown Jiaohuang, into the boiling water to float Mo, and then dumped into the water and try to taste the appropriate concentration can be inverted To drink, Coke flavor of this concentrated tea, drink after the elimination of fatigue, mental Da-Zhen.

You have heard of smoked beans tea? » Across the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou area of the tea smoked beans, baked beans, also known as tea, China is both ancient and fashionable, both tea and Chicha, one of the food. As the tea with appetizers Jianpi ventilation function, has strong local flavor, aromatic eat up a Jinjin, unique. So popular overseas Chinese and mainland urban and rural dwellers. Smoked beans tea tea, to choose "Yu Qian," Yacha. Yacha a young duo, the color green Tsui, particularly after the brew may open orchid, Cymbidium Qingxiang. Smoked fresh green beans optional Soybean meat, salt-cooked and drying. Smoked beans nutrient-rich, not only smoked beans tea headed seasonings, but also on good vegetarian food. Condiments tea smoked beans are orange skin (to be ripping into the orange Percutaneous wire of the Bittern and a little water mixed with salt after the fight other seasonings), wild sesame seeds, cloves carrot, yellow bean sprouts, buds broad bean, peanut, osmanthus, Fasciolopsiasis, olives, Dou Fugan silk, dried bamboos, the sweet potato stem, cucumber sauce and so on. These seasonings not only taste delicious, orange skin justified gas Huatan, Jianpi temperature stomach; clove carrot favorable Xionggefeiwei, the effect of the five internal organs; gas under a wild sesame, Xiao Tan, Runfei-intestinal function. When you visit relatives and friends in the Hakka Pengdao a bowl of hot tea Tengteng the smoked beans, green bowl of Chaya, the green bean bake, golden orange Pisi, white bean sprouts and brown wild sesame, Chen Chen floating pontoons, eating With aromatic, a Jinjin, sweet Zizi will be a long time, unforgettable. Commodities drink tea smoked beans, stress the first open-Wen, a taste of taste, often after a three Decoction with tea, smoked beans and seasonings are a eaten; some people to eat can also add seasonings, then Chongcha Continued water eat. Popular bean eating smoked tea, have also spread to young people aware of the fresh tea customs, such as "playing tea party", "Apo tea", "new Jiapo tea," and "bride dressed tea", "Mao feet son-in-law of tea "And so on, and the tea will get married in a Friends of integration, add the flavor of tea. Smoked beans tea combination of a variety of seasonings, and change with the seasons change, with local flavor, eat up to a kung fu.

What is the Peach Blossom Spring Leicha » Examination "Leicha" one, a very early, Song Weng resistance in the "capital of Jisheng," Wu, animal husbandry and "Dream Beam recorded" out of "Lei Cha," "Shippo Leicha" records. Now, Leicha still popular in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places. Fujian Leicha, tea, sesame, Huasheng Mi, orange peel and licorice for raw materials, the height of summer heat has also joined honeysuckle, Liangqiu joined Dry winter, also Add to stress the amount of the medicine Chen, licorice, Chuanxiong, cinnamon, etc. . Add to ceramic materials are first tooth profile of the Challenge Bowl, with Hawthorn wood (wood tea) made of wooden sticks (commonly known as "Challenge the hammer") grind inquiry into smash-and rushed into the water can be. With Shengjinzhike, heart Shuang-God, Jianpi Yangwei, the role of nourishing Yishou, there was a "drink two glasses of Lei Cha, the two posts tonic-eat," said. Leicha in drink, it is also equipped with tea and file of food, such as peanuts, melon seeds, fried soybeans, popcorn, dried bamboos, Fangua dry, pickles, with the strong local flavor. Jingcha Leicha bowl overflow when the roars of Suxiang, Ganxiang, Chaxiang, Pubi come, it is Xinchishenwang Qinren heart, is to share the hospitality. Jiangxi Nanren drink Leicha throughout the year, encountered marriage joyous event, more children, the children one month to congratulate birthday, can not be separated from Leicha, no wonder people say "no (Challenge) off the fragmentation of tea." Hunan land of tea, that is, tertiary soup, it will ginger, health meters, the Health and tea and Miren, mung beans, sesame Challenge broken, and so on, into the cold water Leveling Draw Frame, cool cool. On Leicha of the raw materials, including tea, Chaoshu the Huasheng Mi, rice, mung bean, corn, ginger, cucumber son, pepper and salt, Thredbo powder into boiling water filled after Aocheng paste, tea thick as porridge, with incense in a , In the lean hard. Leicha not only for its color, smell, taste and fitness function Diaorenweikou, especially when you drink Leicha edge, the edge Tingna long Leicha song or listen to the magic of the ancient legend, will be able to fully appreciate "Modao enchanting Aestheticism wine, a bowl of rehabilitation Leicha situation, "the Yiyun.

Tibetan how to drink Su Youcha »Tibetans are mainly distributed in China's Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, and other parts of the province. Here terrain sonorous, "roof of the world," said the thin air, alpine arid climate, they kind of dryland crops or grazing living, very few local fruits and vegetables, milk all year round to meat, mainly fresh Zanba. "Xing its fresh meat, non-tea Needless; Barley of hot, non-tea did not understand." Tea has become the local people to supplement the main source of nutrition, drinking Su Youcha has become as important as eating. Whenever guests came to the herders tents afar, the hospitality of the Tibetan compatriots will let you in the distinguished position Panxiluozuo, Duan Shangyi bowl of hot, aromatic allows you to enjoy the Su Youcha, quench their thirst. Su Youcha is a tea in adding butter and other seasonings with a special method of processing from the tea. As for the butter, milk or goat is to boil, stirring cooling after setting the solution in the surface layer of fat. The tea is generally optional Jinya Cha in the Pu'er tea or the Tsim Sha Tsui. Production, the first Jinya Cha break in the water in the pot Decocting 20-30 minutes and then filtered Chazha, the tea into a long round of the tea barrel. At the same time, to add appropriate butter, but also needed to join prior Chaoshu, broken up the walnut, Huasheng Mi, sesame flour, pine nut-like, should also be the last place a small amount of salt, eggs, and so on. Then, with Muchu beaten in the cylinder, from top to bottom, according to the Tibetan experience, when a tea barrel, beating the voice from "Guangcheng, Guangcheng" to "Cha, Cha", and that tea has been mixed as one Condiments , Su Youcha be a fight, Su Youcha then will be dumped into the bottle to drink tea. However, local rules have a drink Su Youcha, Bian Hebian Tim, and never a finish. If Wu Fang also are not accustomed to drinking, drinking Banwan, and other masters of Tianman, after it摆着, Guci when Yiyinerjin This Tibetan compatriots with courtesy and customs. Su Youcha is expected to mainly tea, plus a variety食料the mixture of liquid beverages, so diverse taste, drink up to a Litou incense, Gan in the sweet, it can Nuanshen cold, but also supplementary nutrition . Or grassland in Tibet Plateau area, sparsely populated, home of rare visitors enter. Occasionally, Youke visit, in honor of the little things, coupled with the unique role of Su Youcha, therefore, became King Su Youcha Tibetans in honor of the guests of the precious ritual. Most of Tibetan compatriots believe in Lamaism, when Lama worship, devout Catholics to Jingcha the rich affluent to Oxfam tea. They believe that this is "Ji-de," "good" and therefore, in Tibet, some of the La Masi, with a large number of tea pots, tea is usually admissible few Tam, festive event, to the faithful application of tea, is A Buddhist charity, still can be seen everywhere.

Qing-Cha and you heard? Miancha » Hanzhong in Shaanxi Province in northwest Lueyang Xian, Gansu Province in the vicinity of Long civil widespread use of pottery and Wei Qing-Cha Miancha customs. Qing-Cha is divided into general Qing-Cha, secret agents and Qing-Cha Youchao Qing-Cha. If the guests coming from afar, the owner will be the most exquisite secret agents to Qing-Cha hospitality guests. Secret agents of the Qing-Cha-law, followed the ancient "Ming porridge" drink, but more local civil unique style and unique flavor. Pengcha the materials used and the procedures are very particular about: first by housewives Mo-cut, and bake in Huotang Bian; then a small pottery Wei in the fire edge, put the key into lard cans; oil to be melting hand Add to flour 1 tsp, at the same time, an almond-or a walnut or a little pumpkin seed-broken up into the tank after using Zhangbingxiaomu spade Fanchao, when the tank again and coke-emitting a smell, that is, Chao Shu small shovel will use the ointment fruit juice cans lining the walls, then the tea, pepper leaf and a small amount of salt, and mix again Fanchao, when the tank once again emitting a tea fruit of the strong oil smell, immediately joined Appropriate amount of water (preferably warm water) boiled, the unique flavor of secret agents Guanguan Qing-Cha on a good system. Again at tea on the small Zhong, used by the owner of small Chapan holding dedicated to the guests-sniffing, tasting; owner Yong Xiaohuo chopsticks will be placed before the Pengcha Kaodejiaohuang Huotang Bian on the Mo-Shing into small dishes, Fang Xiaozhuo in front of several guests, guests in for tea at the side of tea while eating-Mo. This really is a unique style tea to enjoy the arts. There is also a mountain Lueyang Guanguanmiancha, also divided into three, the local commonly known as the "floor, second floor, three floors," its statement on the tea tastes of a高下points. The three floors of the Miancha, with the exception of Fengnianguojie when drinking, the guests are usually only when they produce high-grade Miancha to show respect for the distinguished guest. Their production methods are: in advance is generally used walnuts, tofu, eggs, Rouding, soybeans (the crush), peanuts, Fentiao, Youchao Crisp, such as food, oil and Wu Xiangfen were transferred after speculation into several different tastes in food , Respectively, in the Super containers, to prepare for tea. Pengcha people at this time in Huotangbianwei on Cha Guan, Guan Li Add to tea at the same time, a little further into the Law of tea leaves, boiling water, immediately prior Zaiwangguanli transferred by the good thick batter, use bamboo Stir in the tank chopsticks so as to reconcile the uniform. Face-to-face tea cooked, you can Fengcha to the guests. What is meant by "floor of tea"? » Visitors to the original owner is the first inverted Chawan, on a level of tea and then resume on a layer (that is, before the preparation of good) for delicious goods, so if repeated three times, will be three different flavor of the food to reconcile in the same Chawan, Visitors stop to drink a bowl of tea, that is, "landing" on the "three floors", the taste and accepted the hospitality of the people Lueyang unique native Charm of the highest Fengcha Miancha and the etiquette.

You have heard of the collapse Maronite water tea? » Benglong nationality living in the western part of Yunnan minority, in the past referred to as "De Angzu" collapsing Maronite the tea is very respected, not only drink tea and chew tea. Water is the practice of tea on the mining of tea will be down by the sun and the fresh tea leaves wilting, Banshang salt, packed in small Zhulou, a pinched at various levels, about a week after the top of the water used chewing tea. This delicious tea Qingxiang, a salt, can quench their thirst Xiaoshi. Chicha very special way, directly into the mouth chewing tea, because the system of special tea known as salted water tea.

Ai you heard of the ethnic Nepalese soil pot of tea? » Ai Nepalese people is the branch of the Hani, living in Yunnan Province, Meng Haixian South waxy foot of the mountain, like drinking tea pot soil. Soil pot of tea Ai Nepalese language family known as the "painted-old splashed" and "old splashed" refers to tea. Soil pot of tea is the system of law: Datu pot to boil water Shing-placed South Mountain glutinous produced by South waxy Baihao, cook about 56 minutes, scoop into the tea made from bamboo, Chazhong drinking. Legend has it waxy Hill, the South Nake old Ai is the tea plant cultivation by the Nepalese people.

Yu Guzu you heard about the tea? Baitou » Yu Guzu located in the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province in central and north of Qilian Mountain, mainly engaged in animal husbandry production, restaurants in the DCB to Qiu, butter, mainly dairy products. Yu Guzu Baitou herdsmen drinking tea, also known as butter Chaomian tea, boil in a heavy brick tea juice, by adding Chaomian, butter, milk, salt, cheese, such as skin, use chopsticks to drink after the Jiaocheng paste Use. As they drink tea, in the hands of bowl constantly turning from left to right, side to side through your mouth and a rhythm to bowl inflatable, started blowing几口a drink, then blowing a drink one, because a Blowing a Baitou moves very special, so people on the call Baitou tea. Yu Guzu herdsmen of tea a day three meals, and other similar national animal husbandry, only a formal dinner to eat. Yu Guzu hospitality, guests visit, the owner will wear national costumes and holding hands filled with butter tea Chaomian Chawan, sing aloud in front of the guests Xiancha songs, singing talent can be finished off his hands Chawan will take over drinking. Baitou tea materials used in most of the Hunan Fu brick tea. First Tieguo to boil the tea, and then broken up into the Fu brick tea pot Aozhu later transferred to a very thick milk, salt, to spoon repeatedly Jiaoyun, Ciwan in place butter, Chaomian , Cheese Paper, will be joined Ciwan for good tea in the tea can become butter Chaomian. Yu Guzu breakfast is the general Chaomian butter tea, that is breakfast. . This noon or tea, but tea while eating Chaomian or Tangmianlaobing, this is lunch. Afternoon Zaihe a butter tea, were grazing at a come back, with Chidun Fan, attempted to eat dinner General of films, rice, rice noodles, roast Mo, such as Kao Hua Vol.