Monday, May 19, 2008

Pu'er tea speculators suicide rumors over Chongqing

From the beginning of the second half of 2005, once the civilian population of Yunnan Pu'er tea drinks - suddenly heated up. After a Wu Chao, Pu'er tea is not only well-known Mengsheng, but prices doubled. Once the price of 20 yuan Tuocha, three months up to 120 yuan. The peak, 1 g Pu'er tea auction prices even after your gold.

For a time, the public, Chake, speculation tea dealers have joined the ranks of tea. Twice a year to make the possession, and was also accompanied joke "operating properly." However Haojingbuzhang. From May 2007, Pu'er tea prices began to quietly drop until the beginning of this year and complete collapse. After the collapse of Pu'er tea will Xianghechuqu » The collection is still covering the firm hand »

Since the goods dealers Pu'er

Chongqing's largest tea wholesale market - the South Bridge Temple wholesale markets, a recently popular rumor: blower dealer with a mortgage to purchase a number of Yunnan Pu'er tea.谁知tea shipped to Chongqing, the city is without price. Finally, the dealer can not afford bankruptcy because of the combat and committed suicide. Then the city a media report, more rumors that this is true, but more people become hot discussion topic.

In an interview with reporters of the South Bridge Temple said that some dealers did not know this person, some people questioned the truth of the matter. Regardless of whether it was really because of this reason choose the extreme way, marks a complete collapse of the Pu'er tea prices have examples of the manufacturer so that the distributor has started Fushoutieer tough.

Long-Run Group in Yunnan tea recently in Chongqing set up a sales department. Jiang Chang, general manager of the Sea, told reporters, in response to the current quiet market, dealers and manufacturers developed a sales agreement. The agreement provides that if the Pu'er tea to price cuts, plant to be subsidies to dealers.

The industry, the past is highly dependent on manufacturers to dealers, most Repeng Pu'er tea when the first fight, the past is not necessarily Nengna arrival, we must find a relationship that Qiuren good words. Now a cold market, dealers instead of upgrading the status.

Pu'er tea of the deserted, in the South Bridge Temple tea wholesale market has been reflected. Reporters saw that many tea shops Menkeluoque, and occasionally a few customers to patronize, they are just picked up a tea Wen Wen, a look at the price of single-and very few people.

Faced with the sluggish market, some experienced big ups and downs in the Pu'er tea market owner, can only use their exquisite tea, let alone enjoy once they Aihenjiaojia the Pu'er tea. Most of them with emotion is not the flavor of tea itself, but in previous years has been the scene of the popular Huangruogeshi. They now need to do is how to let the market to recover.