Monday, May 19, 2008

How to store the family tea

From the market to buy back the tea, not temporary, and must be stored properly kept, even if the packaging is a small carton packaging tea and listen to iron tea packaging, as well. Because they are not completely closed, kept a long time, are still very easily degenerate. Xiwen dry tea has the evil cold and wet, Hei-Min and evil steamed nausea, and the bogey-Qingzhuo Xiangchou, and other characteristics of what is stored at the container, the method used, are certain requirements. Either method of storage of tea, packaging materials are first asked no smell, has good moisture resistant, Sheng tea on the use of containers and confined to the extent possible, in order to reduce contact with air, the place to store dry cleaning, no Smell. Domestic storage of tea has the following ways. (1) of the general store: a small number of families with tea, the general habit of using metal color of tea to listen, tin bottles, colored glass bottles and ceramic containers, such as storage, with the cover featuring a double-iron tea and listen to bottle-neck For good. Ceramic storage containers of tea, while I microgastropods larger suitable. In containers loaded with more than tea, should first check the containers are airtight, but it is filled with tea should be to minimize the air within the containers. This method of storage of tea, although simple, is also more convenient to use, but only apply to short-term storage, generally for a few months, because it can not be completely sealed. (2) desiccant storage: the use of desiccant, will enable the storage of tea to extend the time about a year. Choose the type of desiccant, and tea-based material for them. Storage of green tea, can not block the deliquescence of lime; storage of black tea and Huacha, can be used dry charcoal; conditions, change can also be used silica gel. Save with lime tea, the tea can be first to use thin bulk of kraft paper wrap (two to Banjin into several packets), to tie in jail, layered ring out in the dry and tasteless well Tanzi or rust tasteless small mouth Tietong Around the altar and the middle-cylinder or a bag of a few bags of weathering the quicklime, above Add a few packets of tea, and then use kraft paper, cotton pad or tube I plug the altar, then Gaijin lid, placed in the dry storage. General 1-2 months for a lime, as long as the timely replacement of lime, tea will not degenerate moisture absorption. Charcoal receptacles tea, lime and a similar law, not repeat them. Discoloration storage tea desiccant silica gel, moisture better. Its storage methods, and lime, charcoal similar law, the law better Weici, six months after the general store, tea continued to maintain its freshness. Silica not change color before the moisture absorption is blue, when the desiccant particles from a blue translucent pink, the absorption of water that has reached saturation point, at this time must be removed, put on the baking or Weihuo On the drying under the sun, until the restoration of the original color, will continue to Add to use. (3) refrigerator storage method: Add to the refrigerator, cold storage, such as temperature control in the following 5 ℃, the preservation of the quality of tea better results, generally maintain more than one year of tea flavor unchanged. If he has to listen to the small, cans, tubes, boxes for packaging, generally confined in a better, as long as the jacket a clean plastic bag扎, can be stored directly into the refrigerator. The bulk tea, may first Add to clean, clean, tasteless brown bottles or cans or tinplate barrel, is filled with equipment, Gaiyan, sealed with tape and wax melt Tu letters, then put plastic bags outside Zhahao, Add to the refrigerator storage. (4) the storage method used Nuanshui Ping: good insulation properties Nuanshui Ping, Baowen Ping can be used for storage of tea, its good effect, the general will remain the color of tea aroma as long as one year. Add to the bulk tea or Bao Wenping new Nuanshui Ping, is loaded with enough to minimize the air leaving the bottle stock, with cork Gaijin, white wax seal external application. (5) use of food storage bags: two new and tasteless, non-porous plastic food bags, dry tea with good moisture-proof Zhibao, into which a pocket, gently squeeze, as far as possible, bags From the air, then sealed Zhajindaikou down, and then stuffed into another plastic bag, remove air, Zhajindaikou can. Such packaging separate storage, can also play a preservation effects such as its load dry, tasteless, confined within the Tietong storage, preservation of tea and the effect of longer duration better.