Monday, May 19, 2008

Visit Pinglin Tea Museum

For Chaxiang Pinglin, built on the river with the sea at the tea museum on the Hong Wa, as if planted on the green leaves on the saffron, not only to the Pinglin Qingshanlvshui decorated more beautiful. More importantly, the museum has Hongwa under the link, Chaxiang tea and therefore to the historical and cultural integration of external beauty, simplicity, and, in the thick, filling to achieve reunification, bearing further into the humanities.

Three set off for the tea garden, located in the North potential Xipan the Pinglin Tea Museum, a Taiwanese-style courtyard building Anxi, covering 2.7 hectares, is Taiwan's most focused and fully demonstrated the tea culture places. Anxi-use building itself, has been a historical link. Pinglin production now because the package Zhongcha, is 150 years before the Anxi County of Fujian created by Wang Cheng, subsequently spread to Taiwan.

Museum entrance, a hanging in the middle of the decorative wall is a collection of the ancient and modern calligraphy on the wording of the word tea, next to the 100 years of tea accompanied by physical Lao Gan, in the United States to the enjoyment of the people at the same time, the Museum will also have to The highlight of tea history and culture theme, stated at the outset, clear, concise, pointed out the image.

The museum is divided into Exhibition Hall, the theme museum to promote the three most centres.

Also in the museum at the history of tea, tea things, the three small portion of tea areas. Tea on the history of both areas of origin of tea, Chinese tea successive changes in technology, but also on the evolution of tea etiquette, tea culture and the development of commercial relations. By the time goes by, structured, to be listed on January 1. Cha Cha matter areas on the expertise. From the kinds of tea, tea classification, the composition of tea, tea and tea production and marketing to the relationship between tea evaluation process, are to be detailed, and using physical models and staggered to appear. Tea District judge on how good the pot, raising the pot, usually tea and a special way, the relationship between tea and tea to be fully explained.

Gallery features the largest, is the history of tea in the district to adopt modern technology has produced a number of wax models to reproduce the image in the history of Chinese tea culture scene. From the audience can see lifelike tea sage Lu Yu, is Tuosai listened attentively, Fuan wrote, "After tea", can also see the basis of the Southern Song Dynasty painter Liu Song, "Ming Garden City gambling map" Mood resurgence of the Song Dynasty teahouse "Point tea", "Cha Doo" scenarios. Also see the increasing secularization of the Qing Dynasty teahouse, Aston not only scholars, businessmen and ordinary civilians have joined the ranks of the tea success.

Librarians say that because Lu Yu promoted after the mid-Tang Dynasty Chinese tea culture and tea trade and tea rapid technological development, Tang Museum in the history of tea after a more detailed, in the tea farmers and the mind Chashang , Lu Yu is not only tea sage, but also tea God.

The theme Museum, the famous Taiwan-Chen Wei Diao was carved on the "world's smallest teapot" exhibition is on display here, can be through high-power microscope to enjoy these tiny teapot, attracted a lot of people curious to watch. He said that the museum each quarter, will hold a tea to the theme of the exhibition, the Museum of the majority of the exhibits is fixed, but the theme of the exhibition in the Museum are from all directions, regular replacement, the new permanent exhibition often, these pooled Around the essence of the exhibition continuously enrich the contents of the museum, a museum Yuanyuan inject new vitality. The reporter saw, under the theme at a quarter of that famous collection of the Royal teapot.

When reporters arrived at the Centre for promotion, they found here not only displays the packet Pinglin Zhongcha, but also in other parts of Taiwan tea. Librarians ask why not just display of Pinglin's tea production. The answer is, tea culture is Pinglin, but also Taiwan and the mainland and even the world. Pinglin's bearing, or this is evident.

Museum of the east, is imitation the South classical architecture and garden pavilion made of Zizhu House floor, with the moon, from Qujing, corridors, rockery, Feibao, corner kiosks, fish pond, Xiuzhu composition, visit the End branch, Face-to Shanfeng, where goods on a pot Qingxiang refreshing cold water packets Zhongcha reporters, the feelings of tea, since different.

No wonder the Pinglin Township Tourism Association for Mr. Chen Yaozhang dare say that mainland tourists to the future, Pinglin is certainly not lost to other landscape, perhaps the day, we get the first drink of cold tea , The mainland will become a fashion.