Monday, May 19, 2008

Song Yang tea farmers, "landing" in northern China tea city

Cunliang Wei organizations tea farmers last year to this study, many tea farmers were here to facilitate the transportation, preferential policies, a good atmosphere and attracted a good future, this is not, we will this' installation, '. "In the City of north China tea business Jinbao Chazhuang the Pine County Hengxi emerging rural villagers Yang Jinbao said. Yang Jinbao is loose tea farmers into the North County town of a tea, so far, a total of 23 Pine County Chashang "Beach" City of north China tea.

To be completed early this year in north China tea city of Zhengding, Hebei Province is located in the heart of the international commodity market areas pedestrian street, is a foothold in northern China, radiation northeast, northwest, and the international specialization, information and modernization of the large tea wholesale market, radiation Population over 500 million people, transport facilities, improve the supporting facilities.

This year, Pine County Xiping, the ancient city, emerging, a vegetarian altar, leaves the village, three are new, such as the massive township of Chashang stationed in the northern city of tea, one after another out of the 23 "Song Yang Yin-monkey" series of tea and "Song Yang tea" stores, with emerging Chashang for the largest, second only to Fujian Anxi tea Chashang city in the north of the seats, this is also the county Chashang shops in north China opened up the market.

"Song Yang Yin-monkey" and "Song Yang tea" has been adopted by the City of north China tea trade platform, to a broader market of the North.