Monday, May 19, 2008

The storage conditions of tea

① dry dry tea is the first two tiers of meaning in storage before the peak of water to control a certain extent, the second is the environment relative humidity is lower. According to the research, tea in the best water storage is 3 percent, higher water content, a useful component in tea-proliferation and the sooner the change, beyond a certain limit, tea will turn bad. Therefore, in storage before the tea should be in the 3-5% moisture content control, such as grasping a handful of tea with your fingers rubbing gently twist, such as immediately turned into powder, that is, that its moisture content in this context, appropriate storage. Such as higher water content, in dry storage for future again.

② cryogenic temperature increases can accelerate the oxidation of tea (tea Chen degeneration of oxide is the result of tea). Tea in some of the original material that dissolves in water, become insoluble or do not dissolve in water, aromatic substances were also damaged. According to tests, tea in the minus 5 ℃, the oxidation process is very slow, minus 20 ℃ in the following, of virtually ceased, the same can of tea a long time.

③ dark glare can accelerate the oxidation of tea, tea in some material from the photochemical reaction, a "sun and taste." Therefore, the storage of tea to avoid the light.

④ anti-smell of tea in the polymers, lively nature, when tea and soap, camphor, cigarettes and other contacts, they will soon adsorption of smell, a smell of tea. Therefore, in order to prevent smell and have contact with the material, tea storage containers must be kept clean and tasteless.