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What is "Man of Health 18"

Chen Hongshou, word-Kung, Cayman, Health, Zhejiang Qiantang people. The carving is well-known Qing Dynasty, and Zi Shahu artists and designers. Chen Hongshou its unique aesthetic ability and artistic accomplishments, completed the design of many of the pot, by Peng, brothers and sisters in shape, with its own title-Ming Chen Hongshou. Chen Hongshou, Cayman Health, Chen Hongshou people to participate in the design of the pot is "Man of Health pot." "Man of Health pot" the most important feature is the removal of red tape and decorated the old style, to simple speed. This was followed by the Hushen large number of blank verse inscriptions carved above. Generally speaking, the "Man of Health pot" in a different style on that knowledge, "the 18-man Health": First, pick-stone, that the "pick of the system, Tuan of the workers; self-made, non-Week Species. "Second, the straight-absorbed, that the" hardship and purpose, its straight; Fifty-such as the Sun Chengxiang Gan. "Three, but on style, on the title" Man on the deficit, the home of the blocks right, I think that regulation. " 4, Wang Yun-style, on that "this cloud of Low, the meal was not Qu, out of Confucianism cents." 5. Baina-style, on the title "Do not light brown short, of which, the dumping of death." 6. Acacia-style, on that "Juan Fen to thirst, no eyebrows TING cut." Seven, spring-style, on that "Yichun, strong drink and Kyrgyzstan." Eight, ancient-style, on the title "Spring for what, for the tea business; Who cloud, two丫. "Kowloon, Hong-drinking, on the title" Light raging, gas Ruohong; Chao Chang He, by Qingfengdian. "10, melon form, the title" drink of Kyrgyzstan, gourd Wu Pi. " 11, gourd-style, on that "as a gourd painting, Yuet relatives of the situation then." 12-day chicken, that the "days Jiming Pola surplus." 13, a bucket, that the "Beidou high , South under the bucket; Galaxy diarrhoea, Langan linked. "14-Yuanzhu, on that" if the town of Kuala heart to Jin Di trouble. "10th Five-Year Plan, Ding-milk, that the" milk-chuen, Fei Xue, Qin I-Yin Cheek. "16-watts-and on that," Kam water, tile CHENG Ze-; source of the source, Run-The Promise. "17, Lian-game, on that" deep on back screens, knock chess Doo Ming, with no difference And so on. "18, the pot-style, on the title" Tomb Sweeping Festival, the straight side, Wu Chung-kai and Seoul Zang. "According to examine, Cayman more than 18 pots of Health, there are at least 40 kinds of styles. Cayman General Health Hudi "Oman Tuo Room" seal, under the pot, "Peng" small seal.

Tang Yue Yao What are the main types of tea » Tang Yue Yao is the main bowl of tea, Ou, they pots, cups, kettle, cans, lamp care, such as several types of tea grind. Tang at the bowl as the most popular tea, the main form of a petal, straight abdominal, abdominal and other types of Arc, mostly Chi mouth to intra-abdominal or neck or敞口. To the late Tang Dynasty, Zhici craftsmen creatively to the mosaic nature of the fruits, and other general, to retain its Ten people, most of the features of the image, to use the system in Ciye to design a sunflower bowls, bowls, and other exquisite lotus leaf Tea. Ou is in the Tang and immediately after a popular new varieties of tea Yueyao, is a relatively small beacon of tea. This charge-offs mouth of the oblique abdominal Tea, won the poet Piri Xiu's favorite, his "tea Ou" designed a poem can be said of the speech Yimei: "Xing off with more people, able to create porcelain. Ruyue soul falling yen , Light like clouds from魄. Jujube potential spin in the eye, tooth James Ping-Mo. Matsushita, a look, also the case with the public. "Directors also known as the pot of note is in the later Tang, from the early Jitou Developed from the pot. This pot for more Chi mouth, high neck, abdomen oval, shallow Quanzu, long round-up, and the flow relative also said the end of the adhesion of mud hands, Hushen engraved with the general pattern of flowers or animal patterns, The inscriptions also left, indicating the owner or Shaozao date. As for the cup, lamp care, such as tea grind of the Yueyao also often found that in this type of porcelain glaze, temperature, shape and color decoration on both better reflects the Yueyao at the time the production process and Shaozao standards. In addition to the Tang Dynasty, Yue Yao What I kiln production of tea » In addition to Yue Yao, the production of tea in the Tang Dynasty kiln mouth is also available in: Xingyao, kiln in this Hebei Neiqiu to the famous white porcelain, pottery fetal thin, Yubi at the end of pure color, shape lightweight fine, "Yuen Ruyue, thin paper, Ru Yu Jie "the reputation of Lu Yu boast of their" silver-Class. " Yuezhou Kiln, located in this kiln in Hunan Xiangyin the Yaotou Hill, bones of the dead in the tower and sliding along the kiln, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, said Xiangyin kiln. Products glaze qing HUANG, Taigu grey. Ding, kilns, Kiln in this yellow advancement of Tongchuan City of Shaanxi, is the predecessor of the Song Dynasty Yaozhou Yao Ming Yao, mainly to produce celadon, and burned Heiyou porcelain. Wu, kilns, Kiln in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province today, Lanxi, Yiwu, Dongyang, Yongkang, Zhejiang, Jiangshan area. A burning in the three countries, the initial product fetal glaze with poor technology, easily falling off, its products and form a greater impact on the Yueyao only child Secheng dark grey or purple, glaze-qing HUANG or pan-purple, white glaze in the milk - Points. Shouzhou kiln and kiln in this city of Huainan in Anhui on the town of Kiln, and Li Xu Jiawei mouth of the area. The main products are bowl, lamp, cups, and other sub-note. Carcass thick, rough-Tai Zhi, glaze with the yellow-based, well-known products as "Shan Yu Huang." Hongzhou kiln, the kiln in this Qujiang Fengcheng in Jiangxi Province, Shitan, Guo Bridge, along with Tianxiang. The main products are bowls, cups, lamp care, milled round, especially in the production of tea milled round and heart-circle-shaped arch that holding the tea beacon. Glaze can be divided into green, yellow cinnamon and brown sauce, embossing, carved tick, Lou and pile-paste techniques, such as Shaozao high. Products has been the subject of tribute. Jian beacon of origin and characteristics » Beacon built in Fujian origin Jian'an County (now built County) of water after the Kyrgyz town of wells, ponds around the village, a total area of 120,000 square meters, before firing in the Late Tang Dynasty Five Dynasties. Again and again to nail the first-burning way Shaozao Huang You-Qing porcelain, a variety bowl, lamp, and so on. Since the Northern Song Jian famous tea, tea fight the rise of the wind after the beginning of a burning kiln built Wenmingzhongwai the Heiyou beacon, and burning and Qingbaikou celadon porcelain, which produced Heiyouchawan, also known as "build black," " And build "or" Wu Nai glaze "," Wu Jian mud. " Japan to send monks due to the Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang, "Drive Temple" Road of self-cultivation, when returning back to a group of construction beacon, which the Japanese called the "celestial eye bowl." Built a single lamp varieties, in addition to various types of lamp, only a very small number of Gaozu Cup and Erigeron, and other artifacts. - From-speaking, can be divided into敞口, Convergence and Zhong-mouth covered three; Dazhong Xiao shape can be divided into three categories, from archaeological excavations and investigations from the samples, generally of medium-敞口, Convergence and mouth Convergence and a small mouth beacon most common. Citai built beacon for the Ukrainian soil color, glazed or crystallization of a strip, or a partridge macular. Glazed dot the characteristics of their classification, glazed, there are two bright spots, like Bai Hao said, "Tu Hao beacon"; glazed a string of dot size, color spot under the sun was said to "change beacon" a hidden-glazed Color small dots, such as water droplets, known as the "drip beacon."

Song to talk about the top-five Mingyao » Song of the top five for GUANYAO Ming Yao, Geyao, Ru, Ding Yao, Junyao. GUANYAO top five in terms of the first Ming Yao, is home from officials porcelain kiln Shaozao named. Song is the Northern Song Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty GUANYAO Kaifeng, Henan, Zhejiang Hangzhou GUANYAO of difference. Southern Song Dynasty GUANYAO broken profile in the world of art Youci originator, it inherited and developed the Tang Dynasty Celadon Tea Yueyao the fine tradition of the Song Dynasty tea popular with the status quo, in the Green Run and make a big fuss about products from thin Celadon glaze as thick celadon glaze, and carcass modest, dignified and modeling, crystal glaze, Alice patterns. Decoration on a change in the former Hand carved products, printing or painting the cumbersome style, creative use of "opening film" and "Purple Iron mouth full" and other means of art, created a broken profile art glaze, this innovative use of technology , Took abroad than 600 years earlier. Geyao County Longquan, Zhejiang province in the southwest, Longquan Kiln is an important part. Geyao a burning in the Five Dynasties period, the heyday in the Southern Song Dynasty, known for its celadon to burn. Products thin Taizhi Kennedy, a billet-child black, dark grey, Qian Hui and Tu Huang variety, Heihui fetal "steel frame," said; full glaze layers, color Jingmu, powder blue, Tsui Green, Grey and Green Chaomi Huang, such as color, a gray-based Green, the Green powder

For luxury. Wen is decorated with film, the black-profile, small Wen-yellow, Wen-shaped variety, size phase, known as "the Man Mo film"; who have small eyes-"Yuzi profiling" seems like Binglie "100 Ji broken." There Xie Zhao Wen, Shan Yu Wen, Wen and other Niumao. Geyao is another characteristic of fetal-foot Lu, Taigu such as iron, enamel Yinxian purple mouth, thus entitled to "Purple Foot iron mouth" reputation. Dingyao kiln in this village in Hebei Quyang magnetic Jian, Yanchuan kind, the ancient jurisdiction of Dingzhou, Gu Ming. Dingyao a burning in the Tang Dynasty, to Shaozao Youci mainly white, and burned black, butter, Lvyou, such as porcelain. Ding Yao's development, when the Northern Song Dynasty to achieve Jisheng. Dingyao a follow-burning technology to Shaozao porcelain. Dingyao products fetal thin glaze Run, sleek, complex patterns, the use of Hand carved decorative containers, printing and other practices. The latter part of the Northern Song Dynasty, Dingyao also for the officials Shaozao porcelain, utensils at the bottom often engraved with the "official" or "new government" of knowledge. Dingyao products to cans, bottles, pots, most of the Yuan Dynasty to the early Dingyao general cessation of firing. Ru kiln in Baofeng, in this Henan, the original printing of the firing, the Minyao Hand carved celadon, advanced to the Northern Song Dynasty, the imperial court order Ru produced for the Royal Celadon, Shicheng "Minyao Ru Porcelain", in Henan A Ru civil produced celadon printing, known as "The Ru." Ru regular shape, a big Ying Chi, not decorative patterns as the most important thing to glaze enamel Kyo, its green glaze Chengdan days, the porcelain industry known as "green onions." Junyao is to the Northern Song Dynasty, the famous Ciyao, kiln in this county, Henan Yu, an ancient state-jun, Gu Ming. Junyao late as the Northern Song Dynasty celadon Yaochang, a Shaozao technology of revised, the use of copper oxide, iron oxide color different principle, firing in a blue red or blue with purple belt in the Seyou, changed the monochrome Youci History, the history of ceramic This is a major breakthrough. Xirun its glaze, Taigu gray, color Banlan to the glaze instead of the original decorative patterns, the other is Qingyou porcelain grid.

Ming Tea development of the characteristics » Since the Ming Dynasty drinking green tea is similar to the modern Chaoqing Yacha, because of the "green tea to be the winner, Tao better to blue, yellow Heihong fainted, both into the materials" Therefore, green tea, with white Ruyu tea beacon to the background, it becomes all the more fresh and elegant and pleasing nature. White was the direct result of the development is the promotion of white porcelain. Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Zhici timely as the country's centre, production of white porcelain tea is of high artistic achievement, white and meticulous child, glaze Guangrun, a "paper thin, white Ruyu, such as sound exhausted, such as the mirror" characteristics. In this white tea Ruyu the tea leaves stretch, pleasing color, flavor diethylene glycol, the tea is yet Zhenwei, but also help for drink Yaxing, the enjoyment is really a go. Ming Tea development of the teapot is another feature of the emergence and development, making tea and teapot complement each other beacon. The teapot in the past have, Tang and Song dynasties, known as "sub-Note" and "bailiff pot," but then the pot of tea is only used to Jianshui, not a real sense of directly used for tea The teapot, only to the Ming Dynasty, tea drinking as a way to change before the emergence of the teapot logical. As the main tool of tea drinking tea beacon in the Ming Dynasty also a major improvement in the lamp is on the stamp. Stamping role, first to insulation and the second is for hygienic considerations, can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust. People such as tea beacon Gaiwan, Gaiwan highlighted the practical, more emphasis on the decorative arts of the solemn sense of tea cultivation怡情, tea beacon from the slight changes can be reflected.

How should we choose Zisha teapot » We buy Zisha teapot, whether new or old, in addition to its emphasis on the shapes, textures and integrity, should also pay attention to the pot of heat and water color. Virtuosi kneading and Shaozao Zi Shahu, are very particular about heat, and master right, that is not temperature did not fire. The so-called heat, is made of Zisha Hu pinch-fire in the kiln Shaozao after the fire, experts are known as sintering. Heat appropriate, to demonstrate the nature and form of Zisha the United States, or not enough Xihua Guangrun. Da Luhuo because of a general goods, the production of large, difficult to expect good sintering some firepower over the 10 times under the magnifying glass will show slight cracks in the surface or not regular, not smooth phenomenon. Master Zhi Hu Jia of sintering skill, and experience enough, but not much works, can slow the goods to small, open fire and to achieve pure-state. In addition Zisha Hu also pay attention to water color are good for Shangpin. Zisha was not transparent, but produced a good-profile Xirun Hushen inevitable. We can buy in light Ceshi, strabismus, overlooking, I looked up at from different angles scrutiny Hushen reflected by the surface brightness, for those delicate Rourun Shangpin, Chen Yu are bleak for Xiapin.

Zi Shahu do the mud which of several » Zisha-What are the colors » Zisha the mud, there are purple mud, mud and the Green Mountain Hongni three. Zisha collectively referred to as mud. Purple cement is produced in a mud clay mine in a mud, mud-Green was fired after the yellow, is a mine dump in the folder fat; Hongni also known as cinnabar mud, is caught in the clay mine in the soft mud Mud. A mud and soft soil is Yixing pottery long-term daily use of a large number of raw materials, Zisha mud so called "mud in the mud." Yixing pottery in the exploitation of raw materials, the proportion of mud Zisha not many, is about about 0.1 percent. Zisha mud of kaolinite - quartz - Mica type, characterized by high iron content of that coarse particles. Purple mud, soil and the three Hongni of raw materials, can be used on their own production facilities, according to the need can also use the ratio of admixture. The exploitation of the mineral aggregate Zisha water can not be directly expanding Run, open to casual home, after weathering a few months old, and then grinding, screening, water拌匀. Forming the processing of bad no longer Enameling, the degrees Celsius from 1100 to 1200 of flame burning, it can be elegant color and texture to the durability of the Kennedy finished. The color of products, mainly to purple, thus called Zisha pottery, raw materials due to the different ratio, can also be cinnabar purple, Shenzi, Maroon, Lipi, Begonia red, azure, Qinghui, Molv, Dai, such as black Different color.

Zisha Hu reasons for the rise of the Ming Dynasty » Tea sets and tea with the very important in the development of Chinese tea culture is closely related to the history of the two. As China's history of tea and tea of different ways, with the tea also vary. Tea Tang Dynasty, regardless of Axe, grind, Luo screen, bamboo policy, Yu and bowls, there are certain shapes. And the Song Dynasty tea on the bottle is different from the ancient copper ax. By the Ming and Qing dynasties, until the emergence of a teapot. At that time, the method of tea has a lot of progress, green tea is different from the Ming Dynasty Chaoqing Mission tea, including the Cihu and Zi Shahu, etc.. Yixing Zisha Hu is up, and the size and shape is very, Chaxiang because the pot is small, not big pot of fresh, in particular, soaking for too long, large pot easy to change Chawei loss. Zisha Hu is on the quality good, so the people of the Ming Dynasty tea by the stress of the "pot is small-not to lose morale and flavor without delay" principle.

Zisha teapot how maintenance » Many people like to use Zisha teapot tea, but some tea-lovers, at the end of the pot fans will understand the basic day-to-day maintenance of way. Shangpin especially the old pot, if the care misconduct, waste or destroy its advantages. Zisha Hu is one of the benefits can be "Guozhu aroma and distribute heat", long used to absorb Chaxiang, better dissemination of Yourun luster. Some people say that the more Zisha Hu used for the more valuable, to put it is this truth. Day-to-day maintenance Zisha Hu should pay special attention to the following points: 1, with the latter must maintain the Zisha Hu Hunei dry, not accumulation of moisture. 2, on the local air circulation and should not be dry on the stuffy, for not more precious, wrapped or sealed after use. 3, not to put more oil or dust near the place. 4, with the latter the best-Hugai side, not often Hugai sealed. 5, Hunei not often Jinzhe water, should the need to make tea when flushed. 6, it's best to prepare a few good Zisha Hu, drink a certain type of tea used only when a pot designated; what not to drink tea with all the same pot, should be identified to avoid confusion. 7 Do not use detergent or any chemical agents immersion Zisha Hu, otherwise will Chawei wash wipe, and looks lost luster. 8, each time after use, with gauze Xigan outside the pot of water, then pour Hunei the two-thirds of the tea, leaving about one-third, stormed into the boiling water, baking two or three times, crossed the water Retained, and then clean up all the tea, will be absorbed Shuijiao crossed the pot, gently wiped away the final with a cloth.

How do I use to buy new Zisha Hu » Before the opening of a new pot should first use of gauze, teapot will look carefully polished Tongshen again. If there are no old Shabu can be friction between the new Shabu each other, so that Fengtou subside after grinding Hushen. Enough is enough only polished but not too much, so as not to damage the pot surface. Wash inside and outside the mud and silt, debris, Yongkaishuitang that tea can be used. New pots filled hot tea, from time to time with a clean wet cloth Kaishihushen, slightly longer time, the color is deep Hushen An quiet, Accor issued a light. Seriously the use of 10 days and a half months after the appearance of the pot will be quite different, the use of the longer, the more dazzling, so there are more Zisha Hu used the new argument.

You know that for (Gong)-the origins of the pot? » On for (Gong)-there is still a pot of dubious origin. Rumored for (Gong) of the Gazette Wu Shi-chun is the home of children, often accompanied by the owner in the Jinsha Temple study, coincides with Sands Temple monks in the production of Zisha Hu, for the very curious (Gong) in the spring of servitude, while see Zhihu monks into the fans, so the monks on the source of learning skills, but also to a number of small mud Taoxi for billet, with teaspoon push wall, the wall finger pressure, repeated by repeated pressure, constantly repeated, direct pressure to the pot very billet Up close, when Shoujin may be pressing too much, resulting in a pot belly left a clear fingerprint, firing, the texture is superior. This pot spread, people called for (Gong)-pot. For (Gong)-Zhi Hu also became the master.

Zisha Hu Ming Dynasty Wanlinianjian to talk about the production of the four famous » Wanlinianjian the Ming Dynasty, a Dong Han, Zhao Liang, Yuan Chang, when the four friends Zhihu experts, known as the "four masters." They Gongqiao or known, or known to Guzhuo, Zhihu the so-called "non-a-side, a round of the mixed" a lot of pot-style, from their hands.

"Pot of MicroHand said the three" What is the meaning of « This refers to the Ming Dynasty when the production Zisha Hu Bin, Li Zhong Fang, Xu Friends of the three-chuen.

Identification of how the pots were handed down Zisha » Identification of Zisha be familiar with the history of Zisha, Zisha understanding of the various periods of production processes, and the firing of the changes in the mud, familiar with the famous artistic style, their form and character of the seal pattern, or no identification on the authenticity of the . On the Jinsha monks for the spring and early writers such as the production process and firing process, documented: "Amoy fine soil Tuan bad, teaspoon green, that swept both inside and outside that Lo Wen can be hidden from, the child must be tired, the abdominal Shang is now semi-tempo, "mud" to the system of sand, "was that bad," Points of pottery firing. " Nanjing to 1966 Miss Drive tomb unearthed in the radio Tiliang pot to control, these records are unreliable. Miss Drive Jiajing in the tomb 13 years, that is, in 1533, for spring than later more creative activities, this coarse sandy pot Ti Liang, quite near fine sand child-cylinder, a cylinder and stick traces of glaze that was Shaozao Zisha, did not specifically kilns, and no further into the first load Xiabo kiln chamber, but at the kiln and tank fire together, in thousands of high-temperature, the glaze on the cylinder to diffuse Zisha - Enhanced. To the era of Mao-Lin Li, will be used only Zisha bad pieces of "separate tile Fou capsule into the closed Tao Point" approach. Mud, as the various historical periods of access to the ore source location and depth of different minerals, their chemical composition is not exactly the same. Mid-century ago, Zisha potters scattered mud from their respective processing, preparation of access, each Xinfa, natural differences. This difference is mainly manifested in the texture effect on the finished product, Xu in the world "tea reduced," said the works at the big-bin, and more sand to the majority. See, this large-Bin, Li Zhongfang, XU You Quan, who Chuan, used mostly mud-sand system. This sand-mud, is a solid deep in fine soil, sand mixed with a small amount of yellow mud, works through the use of Mosa, an increase Shouze later, or were Gangsha flashing, or with Li Pi-like, this method of ingredients, and later Potters in the production of more high-end work, for every model. Some writers use of the time the ore source, to meet an ideal mud, with a habit, do not want to change, like Shao tycoon and Huang Yulin, his life almost exclusively by 12 kinds of mud, Shao tycoon's works, the use of Azure Mostly mud. Teapot styles also can be used as a basis for the identification. Creation of a writer, a new style, the only junior to counterfeiting, as early as the writer he would not do. Song Zhumei such as the theme of works in the Ming Dynasty almost no fish-pot of Shao tycoon's first, the writer tycoon before there can be no such form of work. In addition, every writer has its own good at or customary style, Huang Yulin middle-aged, the only system almost antique, Duo ball, Han Chen Shui-bian three models.