Monday, May 19, 2008

Why is the height of summer season also drink hot tea for good

Summer season, also is better to drink hot tea, the following reasons: (1) Xiaoshu drink hot tea can quench their thirst, heat cold body. Hot tea to promote the secretion of sweat glands, so that a large number of water through the pores of the skin oozed from in vitro to achieve cooling cooling purposes. According to tests, each one g sweat evaporation can be taken away 2.09 KJ (0.5 kilocalories) of body heat. Therefore, evaporation of sweat, the more the dissemination of the greater body heat. Determination of the results showed that the skin temperature, drinking hot tea and 10 minutes later, the temperature can drop 1-2 ℃, and to maintain about 20 minutes. (2) hot tea contains the TP (or can only be dissolved in hot water in the TP, the combination of caffeine and rehabilitation of), sugars, amino acids, and the saliva in response to oral to moisture, produce Cool feeling. (3) of caffeine dissolved in hot tea to stimulate the kidney, and promote urination, is conducive to the dissemination and dirt from the heat, lower the body temperature and to achieve the purpose of detoxification.

What they drink tea more conducive to health » Tea different components of nutrition and efficacy is not the same. High-grade green tea, vitamin C, B1, B2 content than black tea, Oolong tea 1-2 times higher in general, or even more; High tea phosphorus, potassium and other minerals in general than black tea, in particular, Zinc content is usually higher than black tea more than doubled; green tea, a variety of physiological effects of tea polyphenols content, often than black tea, Oolong tea such as a fold. Therefore, from a nutritional point of view, drinking green tea is more conducive senior people's health. What they drink tea more beneficial to human health, the sentence can not be used to make a simple answer, because different people's physical condition is not the same. For the weaker body, drank tea for a good, as in tea is better in Jiadian Tang added, can increase the heat, but also supplementary nutrition. Young people in the midst of strong growth period, the need for more nutrition, to drink green tea for good. Women's menstrual before and after, often more irritable temperament, to drink Huacha for good, because it has Shugan Jieyu, Qi Tiaojing effect. Obesity and weight loss of hope, can Changhe oolong tea, Tuocha, because of their strong role to fat diet. Consumption of beef and mutton more people, in order to promote and fat digestion and absorption of food, drink more brick tea, tea cakes, and other Jinya Cha. Regular exposure to toxic substances, the staff, can choose to drink green tea as the labor insurance. Mental workers, pilots, drivers, athletes, broadcasters, actors, singers, etc., in order to increase the brain's sensitivity level to keep clear-headed and full of energy, enhance the capability of thinking and judgement of memory, high-grade famous green tea drinking .

Four Seasons tea should be different? » Tea and the effectiveness of closely related to seasonal changes, different seasons of different varieties of tea to drink, the more beneficial to the human body. Therefore, tea is the way the seasons are different. Spring, Ice-Bingxiao, Fengherinuan, everything recovery. At this point, to drink Xiangfu strong jasmine tea is better for the dissemination of winter accumulate in the body Hanxie to promote human germinal yang, "crack" and "gas" and "God" it Yizhen. Summer, the hot climate, Yin Fan Jia-Mu, Shengshu pressing, Jinye substantial depletion of the human body. At this point, to the consumption of green tea taste bitter cold suitable, broth green leaves, to give people a sense of cool to Xiaoshu antipyretic. Green tea in the tea polyphenols, caffeine, the amino acid content, such as more and stimulate the oral mucosa, the secretion of digestive gland to promote the role of health-benefit, as the summer of Xiaoshuzhike to share. Autumn, the weather is cool, Fengshuang noble, dry climate, waste heat Weixiao, human Jinye not fully restore the balance. At this point, to drink tea category of Qingcha for good, this taste of tea between red, green, and not cold not hot, not only to eliminate waste heat, but also restore Jinye. In the fall, can also be red, green tea mix, comes two effectiveness; Huacha can also mix and green tea, green tea to take the heat Jieshu Gong, Huacha Huatan Kaiqiao effect. In winter, the north Linlie, Hanqixiren and yang of human vulnerability. At this time, to choose the Wen Wei Gan of tea as well, incubated the human body to the yang, especially for women. Hongye Hongtang black tea, to give people a warm feeling; tea can increase milk and sugar, it Yousheng heat Nuanwei of work; tea to help digest the greasy work, in winter when Jinbu fatty beneficial.

Children how to drink tea » Parents to the children tea, the tea that irritation, Pashang child's spleen and stomach. In fact, such worries are unnecessary. At present, as long as reasonable tea, tea on children's health is equally useful. General requirements are: a daily drink more than 2-3 in a small cup (with each cup of tea for 0.5 g -2 g), as much as possible during the day drinking, and temperature Piandan tea to drink. First of all, through drink Dancha, can cause a child to add vitamins, protein, sugar and minerals zinc, fluoride and other needs. Second, due to Xiaoshi tea in addition to greasy, gastrointestinal peristalsis strengthen and promote secretion of digestive juice, may at any time to correct the children Tansi Guobao phenomenon. Third, tea, "bitter cold", with the heat Reduce Pathogenic Fire Gong. Children adhere to the daily tea, dry stool can be avoided and the end of the anal fissure Jing. Fourth, high fluoride content in tea, tea amount of children, or gargle with tea, not only can strengthen bones, but also to prevent the incidence of dental caries. Of course, children should be appropriately tea, the smaller the child the more so, not excessive, not to drink Nongcha and Chinese herb tea. Tea drinking too much water will increase in children, heart and kidney increase their burden. Guonong tea, will over-excited children due to speed up the heart rate, increased frequency of urination, and cause insomnia. Tea time not too long also can tannic acid protein coagulation and precipitation, thus affecting the digestion and absorption to enable children to reduce appetite.

Women, "four" how tea » As women of different points of physical, tea otherwise pay attention, usually to drink tea in general concentration of suitable, but in the menstrual period, pregnancy, breast-feeding, menopause (4), Dancha mainly to drink, especially Nongcha not drink. Nongcha because of the presence of more caffeine on the nervous system and cardiovascular system have a certain stimulus. Menstrual period or drink too much tea Nongcha, Yizhi dysmenorrhea, menstrual blood extended or excessive, while tea contains tannic acid in the intestine and Chyme-iron in the blood or drugs in the iron, thereby Produce precipitation and hinder the intestinal absorption of iron and easy to lead to the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia. Pregnancy, pregnant women in a variety of physical changes, from the food intake of nutrients, not only to meet the needs of their own physiological functions, but also transmitted to the fetus through the placenta in vivo, for fetal growth. Nongcha drink during pregnancy, not only susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, and affect fetal nutrition, and Nongcha of caffeine will increase heart rate and the voiding of pregnant women, pregnant women so as to increase the heart, kidney burden, but also detrimental to fetal health. Lactation period of excessive drinking tea or Nongcha, tea caffeine contained in the milk through the inhalation of newborns and infants, can be excited about their respiratory, gastrointestinal, and so did not improve the development of organs, making breathing speed up, gastrointestinal spasm , Will occur in infants and young children, crying for no reason margin; Nongcha high concentration of tannic acid in the gastrointestinal mucosa Xishouruxue liquid, can play a role in convergence, will inhibit the secretion of mothers breast, lactation reduced, resulting in infants and young children "missing Grain "and not the normal growth and development; breast-feeding women, because of exhaustion, consumption, the need for more rest, can eliminate fatigue. Nongcha such as drinking, especially at night tea, because caffeine, and so excited about the role of both mother and child can lead to difficulty falling asleep, the mother of the child's recovery and growth are negative. Women entering menopause, with the exception of menstrual disorders, but also a tachycardia, insomnia, irritability, anger and other symptoms easily agitated. Changyinnongcha period such as this will increase the symptoms of menopause, not conducive to smooth women through menopause.

How should the elderly tea » Lu Yu, "the tea" in the record: "prefer not to drink for life, not three meals a day without tea." Idle to tea, has now become a great way of the elderly. Scientific research and practice have proved that the elderly proper tea, healthy longevity, such as tea properly, anti-body will adversely Therefore, the daily life of older persons in the tea, should the person, a tea Habits of the elderly, should not last too much tea, each generally not more than 30 milliliters suitable, not long-term Nongcha drink a lot, so as to avoid adverse reactions, the impact on health. The elderly, especially elderly people aged over 60, avoid excessive drinking tea Guonong, because more intake of caffeine, can appear insomnia, tinnitus, vertigo, arrhythmia, a large number urination, and other symptoms. Some of the elderly, the increase with age, heart and lung function decline in varying degrees. If the large number of short-term tea drinking, the more water I was absorbed into the human gastrointestinal blood circulation, make a sudden increase in blood volume, increase the burden on the heart, and sometimes appear flustered, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and so do not feel comfortable if the elderly The original coronary heart disease, heart disease, excessive drinking tea, can induce serious heart failure or heart failure so that the original increase. Therefore, it is the heart of the elderly, to Wenyi light tea, not tea at night, after dinner to drink boiled water as well. With the growth of the elderly age, the various digestive system to reduce secretion of digestive enzymes to digest dysfunction. If the large number of tea, will be diluted gastric juice, the impact of the digestion and absorption of food, while also diluted acid, the gastrointestinal tract to kill germs the defense function, once the bacteria enter the vulnerability of gastrointestinal diseases. Most of the elderly poor teeth, including fiber vegetables to eat less, and less of their activities, resulting in bowel movements and less prone to constipation. If Changyinnongcha, tea and tannic acid in the food with protein, forming the bulk of digestion and absorption of protein, will be more heavy constipation. The elderly kidney function gradually decline, urinary incontinence and other symptoms often appear. Guonong too much tea, tea caffeine, and so the diuretic effect, and will inevitably increase the burden of kidney symptoms of incontinence, the elderly will bring greater suffering.

Danchanongcha are required? » Regular moderate drinking tea, good sound on the body. For most people speaking, to health care, disease control purpose of tea to desalination should not be concentrated, and Dan Cha-drink more favorable to the human body. The so-called "short-tea Qingxiang dependants", "Dancha Wen-age drinking", that is, mean that. Excessive drinking tea, especially the excessive drinking Nongcha, on the human body negative, the so-called "excessive drinking tea Huangshou people." But Nongcha have Qingrejiedu, Runfei Huatan, Lee Shui-urine, Xiaoshi to greasy, and so effective, in some cases, some people drink Nongcha but beneficial. Such as "on fire" and Shiyan, wine, Nongcha Qingrejiedu can play, the role of Hot; Dayutairou eat, drink a cup of Nongcha, to help digest greasy; urine negative for the people , Drink Nongcha swelling diuretic can play the role of oral inflammation, swelling and pain in the throat, drink Nongcha can play the role of anti-inflammatory sterilization; suffering from sinus to block or complete atrioventricular block the crown Heart patients, the heart rate is slow, drink Nongcha can increase heart rate, a therapeutic effect.

Chicha okay » Chicha is to tea as ordinary food, where to eat into the stomach. Most of this tea are concerned, it seems not very good understanding. In fact, this Chicha, in some areas, some countries are also common. China's Hunan some areas, even after the finish Cha Chi Xiaqu Chazha together. Hangzhou specializes in a delicious "Longjing shrimp", is to use a blister opened with Longjing tea leaves and fried shrimp from. Cicai red-green-and, delicious appetizers, together with Chi Xiaqu tea together. Japanese have the habit of drinking Maccha is Decoction with tea drinking go together. According to the Japanese drinking Maccha the way, tea can be ground into fine powder, the redeployment in the consumption of other foods, is the great value of the Research and Development. Chicha okay » The answer is yes. Chicha because, not only to dissolve in the nutritional health of the tea ingredients Chi Xiaqu, and the tea or insoluble insoluble in the nutritional health is also a component of the Chi Xiaqu. In tea or water insoluble components, a fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, K, minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, copper, iodine, organic chlorophyll, carotene, cellulose, protein, and so on. Some of the substances the body needs such as vitamin E, carotenoids, in very high, eating into the body of great benefit. So Rather, Chicha than the health benefits of tea drinking more, especially on eating Chuncha more appropriate.

You know the legend of tea water? » Haucha make good use of water, are very particular about the ancients. "Yangtze River in the water, on top Mengshan tea," the site couplets with the United States that the tea water, can complement each other. According to a poet Wen Tingyun "Caicha were recorded" in the records, Lake Zhouci Shi Li Jiqing because of the Yangtze Park Station, Lu Yu Muming good tea, far from satisfactory summoned. Cishi life of a soldier Boat to learn from South Ling river water (water that the first tea). Lu Yu-pyo use of Yao Leyi-pyo said: "This water is the Yangtze River water, not South Ling water." Soldiers admit: "I mentioned Ling from the south shore, the boat rocking, half of water loss, fear of abuse, on hand to Jiang, filled." Cishi listened very admirable, according to folklore, Wang Anshi Tanhuo suffering from the disease, the need for water Yangxian tea and Qutang Gorge water, to governance. Su Dongpo because of the Three Gorges, Wang Anshi he will be entrusted with an urn Qutang Middle Gap water. Dongpo due to appreciation of the Three Gorges scenery, the ship under the Gap to think of it from the Middle Gap water, how fast water-resistant, can not be retrospective. Will have to learn a jar of water under the Gap, the purported Middle Gap water. Wang Anshi that its pseudo-, Dongpo Dajing, asked how aware of. Wang Anshi, this water to make tea Banshang non-ferrous metals, Yishi know for the next Gap water, Dongpo impression. Although the story is more legend, but that is closely related to tea and water.

The best spring water to make tea? » For Chinese people, tea water has always been very sophisticated. Tang "Written Discussion on the Plum Blossom" in a very brilliant expositions said: "Tea of Bedford in the water, tea eighth of a case of water, tea is also very just, the eighth of the water try very tea, tea just under eight Ears. " Clearly, tea water is very important. What the best tea water » Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty "by tea," pointed out: "The water, with mountains and rivers (spring), water, well water under." So to sum up, tea with spring water for the best. This is because the spring water has been a lot of infiltration by the sandstone layer, which filters on many occasions, there are no impurities, water quality soft, clear Commissioner, and contains a variety of minerals; tea in this water, Tangse bright and full To show that tea color, smell and taste.

Emperor Qianlong of the closure which two "Tianxiadiyi-chuen," » Qing Dynasty, tea life嗜the Qianlong emperor, one on the closure of the two "Tianxiadiyi-chuen," This is the Yuquan Beijing and Jinan, the Baotu Spring. Qianlong Emperor Optional water for tea, select the number of drinking water, with a special silver bucket weighing, the results showed that: Yuquan water scarcity, the smallest proportion, also a silver bucket of water, its light weight. Thus, on the Qianlong Beijing Yuquan water as the best tea water, said Yuquan "Tianxiadiyi-chuen." Yuquan water quality, it is fine, used to make tea, tea Shenghui, it does lead to many. Jinan has always been multi-chuen, known as "Springs", Baotu Spring is one of a name-chuen. Baotu Spring, clean water, Ganlie for drinking beneficial to health; for Zhushui tea, incense is Weichun. Song writers Zeng Gong, with Baotu Spring boiled tea evaluation, praised it as "really moisturizes Chawei more true."

"Tianxiadiyi-chuen," What » Song, anti-hero of the camp in Zhenjiang, in many of the Zhenjiang tasting spring water in the Ling, wrote: "The first heart-chuen, the Yangtze River, South to the North cast Wen-yuan." Ling-chuen, in Zhenjiang in Jiangsu, west of Jinshan-bomb down the mountain, a cleft in limestone by underground water along the drop-chuen, from the rise. Ganlie clear spring water, boiling water dripping, rolling bubbles, the scenery spectacular. The best boiled tea, tea masters here for the history of tea. Ming Dynasty famous geographer Xu Xiake, Mingshandachuan travel around the country, came to Yunnan peace, when he inspected the local jasper-chuen, have seen that in the hot springs water jasper-chuen, is the first. Yangsheng An Ming Dynasty poet, before and after 40 years of exile in Yunnan, according to his long-term practice, but also that jasper-chuen, as the "first universal soup." And that "Hot Springs poem" one said: "springs to clarify, natural stone Au, since the floating scale, the plot is not dirt, Wenliang appropriate. Can be tea, cooking." Ning County in Yunnan Province north of the banks of the mantis-jasper springs, for the crust of deep groundwater, water-Qi bright, colorless and tasteless, the best tea. In addition, Xing Jiang Qing Dynasty, Sichuan, Yu Ye-chuen also as "Tianxiadiyi-chuen." Yu Ye-chuen, Emei Mountain in the Jinding under the Qiaobian, where the spring water "Shenshui," said the tea first. At least to today, there are still many tourists come here to the Kap Shui Mun tea.

Hupao Spring tea first? » At present, water quality, a direct impact on the taste of tea, water quality is not the United States, Chaweidunshi. Many of the tea workers, through physical and chemical means, compared with the control method, in accordance with the provision of water around, to find water to the tea. Shanghai's assessment of tea experts, has used Hupao Spring, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shen Jingshui, tap water and distilled water for comparison, first boil the water quality assessment, to brew a tea after the trial assessment. Although there are two methods, but the results of this comparison is the same, are in the first Hupao Spring, Shen Jingshui second, third distilled water, water the worst. Hangzhou tea experts have done experiments will Hupaoquanshan, West Lake water, well water, days of precipitation and water, Longjing tea were brewing at the same level. Tang opened the results: the Tangse tea, taste and aroma, are Hupao Spring brewing for the best, followed by days of precipitation, the West Lake water, well water, water the worst. As Hupao Spring percolated from quartz sandstone, with few minerals, the mine was only 0.02-0.1 grams per kilogram; and so rich in carbon dioxide in the spring, but very little chloride, the high quality, to brew a tea , Known as "Longjing tea, Hu Pao water" reputation.

Water should be dealt with after the tea? » City water, bleaching powder for use disinfected with a chlorine taste heavier, not directly used to make tea taste. Tea, should first remove chlorine taste, its methodology is: will be covered with water storage in the basin of the cylinder, placed 24 hours, you can remove chlorine taste may also use water purification treatment after use. Processed boil the tap water after tea, tea due largely to maintain the color, smell and taste.

Hard water should be boiled before tea? » Two hard water and water softener. Where water per liter of calcium and magnesium ions in more than eight milligrams known as hard water, and less than 8 mg known as soft water. Tea with soft water, Tangse bright, Shuang Gao aroma, flavor Xianchun, and hard water with tea, soup色变deep, lost Xianshuang flavor. Therefore, the application of soft water to make tea for good. In life, we use the water, with the exception of days of precipitation and snow, water, river, lake, springs, streams, wells, running water, and are hard water. However, these elements contained in water, mainly calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. They boiled at high temperature, precipitation will immediately decomposition, water bottles and water bottles in the scale to see that such precipitation. Therefore, the decline in boiled water hardness, a majority of soft water, we said that such water as a temporary hard water. Therefore, over some temporary hard water, must be used to make tea after boiling, so that tea is basically to maintain the original color, smell and taste.

The first assessment of world water Who » According to the Tang Dynasty Zhang also new "JIANCHALING water in mind" records, the first test by Kam water tea is the Tang Dynasty Liu Chu, his "pro-Yi and over", proposed to tea for seven, are as follows: the Yangtze River and south The first water; water Wuxi Huishan Si-second Temple in Suzhou Huqiu-third of water; Danyang County, Kwun Yam Temple water fourth Yangzhou Daming Si water fifth Woosung River 6; Huaishui the seventh.

Lu Yu Evaluation how the world water » According to Zhang and new accounts, according to their own personal practice of Lu Yu, the tea products to the world, the commentary for rank order are: Lushan Silla-drencher water first; Wuxi Huishan Si County, the second-springs; Qizhou Lanxi-third the water; Gap, a fan down the mountain stone of a sudden, discharge independence Qingling, Zhuangruguixing, custom-Ham saliva fourth Suzhou Huqiu Stone Temple springs fifth below the Temple Mount Lushan Jobs bridge Tanshui sixth Yangtze River water is the seventh South; Hongzhou West Shanxi East Waterfall 8; Tang County, Bai Yan Huai water ninth; Luzhou Longchi the 10th mountain water; water Danyang County, Kwun Yam Temple 11; water Yangzhou Daming Si 12; Kim Han River Water in the upper reaches of the state, 13; Yuxu to the state-of-stream 14; Shangzhou Wuguan West Luoshui 15; Woosung River 16; Tiantai Mountain peak southwest Qianzhang Waterfall 17th; Chenzhou 18th round springs; Tonglu Yanling Beach water 19; snow 20.